7 Aphrodisiacs To Stimulate Your Appetite(s)

Though it might be tempting to get dressed up and go out for a big, fancy restaurant meal to celebrate the occasion, a true food lover can easily overindulge and be left with a certain heaviness that may prohibit...other activities. Instead of battling restaurant crowds on V-Day, stay home instead.

The “Newlyfed” Game!

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Grab four sheets of paper (two for each person) and place this game card in the center of the table so you both can read the questions. 2. Answer the questions on the first sheet of paper based on your personal response. Do not let your partner see your answers! 3. On the

A Heavenly Oyster Pairing

  Dress Me Up in Diamonds and Pearls— but Dressed Up Oysters are Even Better. Created by Pairings Matchmaker & CCP Monger Leslie U., the uniqueness of you shines through. A freshly shucked, straight-from-the-ocean oyster. A mound of Chili Caviaroli, an aromatic sprinkle of diced bacon. A full-bodied, utterly balanced, Umami delivery system. You ignite our

We Love You, Guido Gobino

 We’re Hazelnuts About You. Can’t stop thinking about your exquisite assortments, bars, and chocolate-hazelnut Giandujotto candies. Hailing from the chocolate capital of Italy, we couldn’t be more entranced. Sourcing responsibly produced cacao and using the world’s best Piedmontese hazelnuts. Your super high standards will tolerate no substitutes, and we dig it. Pair one of your

We Love You, Caviaroli

  Olive Oil Spheres of Wonder. Caviaroli. Who knew? You weren’t what you seemed. Your silky smooth bursts of oil come from sun-kissed olives, grown in the groves of Spain. Vegetarian & vegan-friendly, you garnish a wintry soup, luxe up vegetarian sushi, oysters, or top a cheese & meat pairing. You do it all and

We Love You, Éclat

  Éclat Hearts Full of Love—and Ganache. Chocolate-shaped hearts filled with gorgeous ganaches — Hawaiian Rose Tea, Lemon & Lavender, Ginger & Passionfruit, Smoked Cinnamon & Orange, and Earl Grey Tea. From bright citruses to warming spices, there’s a heart in this sampler for every type of food lover. From Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef

An Ode to Tradestone

  A Chip Off the Ol’ Tradestone. One bite of handcrafted chocolates made by Philly favorite Chip Roman is all it takes to make the night. Maple Passion Fruit, Liquid Caramel, Honey Almond, and Strawberry Verbena are just a few of our loves. Without a doubt, we are melting over Tradestone Chocolates in all shapes

Get A Shroom

Nothing puts me in the mood for love like mushrooms. I know, I know – they’re a far cry from oysters or caviar, but aphrodisiacs rely on individual appeal and I happen to be mad for forest smells: wet earth, moss, the vaguely cabbage-y smell of tree rot. These are what led me to a special Valentine’s Day threesome: roasted mushrooms stuffed with Nancy’s Camembert and a spot of Brussels sprout relish.