Gruyère Gone Wild…and a Recipe for French Onion Soup

A few weeks ago, my friend Mike Geno received an 18-pound wheel of Grand Cru Gruyère from Wisconsin in the mail. The American Cheese Society (ACS) had commissioned him to paint a series of award-winning cheeses, but after he finished the portrait, he was left to scratch his head. What does one do with a whole wheel of Gruyère? Of course, I got a call.

Winter Warm Up — Fireside Fondue

Feeling chilly? Let this winter warmer recipe defrost you in the cheesiest way. Enjoy! Our Winter Warm Up Fondue! by our very own Cheesemonger Dan B. 32 oz. Reading Raclette (a semi-soft, aromatic Swiss cheese), cubed 4 oz. Chablis 6 whole cloves of garlic, cracked 2 tablespoons unsalted butter Fresh, cracked peppercorns (preferably pink, but