RECAP: 2014 International Cheesemakers Rock Stars Dinner

Last Thursday, cheese lovers from near and far convened in the Upstairs Café at our Rittenhouse location to celebrate and learn about the wonderful cheeses made by the Essex St. Cheese producers! Just eight years ago in 2006, cheese aficionado Daphne Zepos and Neal’s Yard Dairy partner Jason Hinds came together to form Essex St. Cheese Company and

Is There a Cure for the Summertime Blues?

“Can you help me find blue cheese to crumble on top of a salad?” “I don’t like blue cheese, but this recipe I’m making calls for it. What should I do?” “My husband loves blue cheese and I want to buy him some. No thanks, I don’t want a taste (Yuck!)." "Can I get one that’s not too stinky?” “How long will it last before it goes bad?” “I would like a blue cheese to complete my cheese plate, what do you suggest?”