Staying in this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a Menu MUST-HAVE

Envelop more than just your guy or gal this Valentines, with this take on "Brie en Croute," a classic dish with warm brie and puff pastry. Translating simply to "cheese wrapped in puff-pastry," this recipe is effortless, perfect for a night of love and laughter. Just grab your favorite brie, carve out some love with a jelly heart, and wrap with this pillow-like puff pastry for a taste of romance.

Gruyère Gone Wild…and a Recipe for French Onion Soup

A few weeks ago, my friend Mike Geno received an 18-pound wheel of Grand Cru Gruyère from Wisconsin in the mail. The American Cheese Society (ACS) had commissioned him to paint a series of award-winning cheeses, but after he finished the portrait, he was left to scratch his head. What does one do with a whole wheel of Gruyère? Of course, I got a call.

Winter Warm Up — Fireside Fondue

Feeling chilly? Let this winter warmer recipe defrost you in the cheesiest way. Enjoy! Our Winter Warm Up Fondue! by our very own Cheesemonger Dan B. 32 oz. Reading Raclette (a semi-soft, aromatic Swiss cheese), cubed 4 oz. Chablis 6 whole cloves of garlic, cracked 2 tablespoons unsalted butter Fresh, cracked peppercorns (preferably pink, but

5 Fall Pancake Recipes You Gotta Try

We can’t stop obsessing over our Tonewood Maple products from the 2014 Fancy Food Show. We want to slather those maple syrups and shave that maple block over everything. But for those of you who’d prefer a more familiar canvas upon which to practice your maple-dousing art, here are five of our favorite Fall-appropriate pancake recipes! 1. YOU

Grilled Cheese Galore!

Grilled Cheeses have hit the stores at Di Bruno’s and we couldn’t be more excited! Stop in to The Franklin Market, Ardmore Farmers Market, and coming to Rittenhouse on September 15! We’re offering five delicious grilled cheese sandwiches that come with crunchy pickle chips and piping hot tomato soup for your dipping pleasure! To celebrate

Summer Recipe: Chef Marc Vetri’s Zucchini and Basil Risotto

Your seasonal risotto just got that much better.   When it comes to risotto, choosing the right rice is everything. Compared to the commonly-used arborio rice, carnaroli is firmer with a higher starch content and a longer grain, making it harder to overcook and yielding the creamiest of risottos. It’s also known as the “king of

5 Burger Recipes to Step Up Your BBQ Game

In 2014 five incredible sliders faced-off in a Battle Royale, with cheese of course. Featuring the culinary pioneering staff of the five Di Bruno Bros. stores, guests tasted the teams’ decadent slider recipes and voted on their favorite while washing down these beauties with craft beers from Deschutes Brewery.   In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the five