The MEAT Guide — Prosciutto 101

By Emily Teel Photo credit: Eating Slow For having only two ingredients, prosciutto and other cured hams spark immense passion, and the seeming conviction that each one is better than the last. The most fundamental rule is this: prosciutto, speck, and jamon all start out as the exact same cut of meat (specifically, the hind

Il Viaggio in Italia con Scott, Il Terzo Giorno

I had a “kid in a candy store” moment when I noticed cylinders of cheese wrapped in paper among the traditionally shaped Parmigiano Reggiano wedges. “Questo e’ il cuore? (Is this the heart)?” I asked the chef. Yes, he confirmed. They cut the heart of the wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano out, shaped in small cylinders and sell them separately. Since the heart ripens faster, it’s always the most delicious part of the wheel – something commonly overlooked.

Il Viaggo in Italia con Scott, Il Secondo Giorno

A few months ago, we sent our Imports & Exports Procurement Manager, Scott Case, on an Italian trade mission to Italy. Along with representatives from several other specialty retailers from around the USA, he scoured local markets and shops for new products and visited with several producers of authentic Italian specialty products. This effort was to bolster trade with Italy and to ensure that the word is getting out about the great work these small, artisan producers are doing.