The Million Dollar Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is a simple dish that can be as easy as American singles on Wonder Bread. However, here at Di Bruno Brothers we have a little saying that goes; “Why WouldJa Do That?” If you have stumbled upon this blog, that means you have access to some of the finest food on the planet. Exercise your right to be well fed.

Foie Gras Poutine Grilled Cheese Sandwich

OK, Let's get one thing straight. I'm fat and I didn't get this way from eating salads and yogurt. I got this way by drinking duck fat-reinforced milkshakes, eating scrapple filled donuts, and other people's lunch (after I had already consumed my own). I also got here by eating sandwiches like the Foie Gras Poutine Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Piave, Roasted Tomatoes, and Marinated Artichokes

April is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. When tasked with creating a grilled cheese sandwich for the occasion, I asked myself "What kind of grilled cheese concoction should I make?" I love bacon and all kinds of different meat and cheese (especially blues!) What special combination can I come up with that was simple, but with no meat? This goes completely against my grain!

The “Very Cheesy” Grilled French Onion Soup Sandwich

Do you know one thing that people really love for lunch? Soup and a sandwich! Another thing people absolutely adore: French Onion Soup! Here’s a tasty creation to satisfy their hunger using a blend of delicious French cheeses and fresh, hearth baked bread. It’s what I call “The Very Cheesy Grilled French Onion Soup Sandwich”.

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar Cheese Grilled Cheese

Cheesemonger Grilled Cheese with Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

One of the most unusual parts of working in the food industry is acknowledging obscure food holidays. April, for instance, is "National Grilled Cheese Month." There are certainly other important dates in April (Easter, my anniversary and my birthday, to name a few), but we will be putting time aside to celebrate melted cheese on toast.