Philly-Made: Our Hometown Favorites

Salumi from Italy, olive oil from Spain, and cheese from France (and everywhere else, too), for 75 years Di Bruno Bros. has been bringing the best, most delicious gourmet products to Philadelphia from all over the world. Now, some of those products are coming from very close by, indeed. Though Philadelphia has long been a city of great food, every year it welcomes more makers starting food enterprises offering new, locally-made additions to our lineup.

The Buzz on Honey

Honeys produced at different moments of the year, using the nectar of different plants, have different colors, flavors and textures- the concentrated essence of whatever was blooming at a given moment. This is, in part, why there’s far more to honey than just stirring into mug of tea or spooning over a bowl of yogurt. Here are a few ways to appreciate a rainbow of beautiful, seasonal honeys.