Cheese & Bubbly Pairings to Ring in the New Year!

   Delice de Bourgogne & Prosecco This cheese is a luxuriously creamy, rich, full flavored cow’s milk cheese from France. Similar to brie in both style and texture, this cheese has the added qualities of a full-fat milk content giving it an interior likened to that of whipped cream cheese. The exterior is encased in

Is There a Cure for the Summertime Blues?

“Can you help me find blue cheese to crumble on top of a salad?” “I don’t like blue cheese, but this recipe I’m making calls for it. What should I do?” “My husband loves blue cheese and I want to buy him some. No thanks, I don’t want a taste (Yuck!)." "Can I get one that’s not too stinky?” “How long will it last before it goes bad?” “I would like a blue cheese to complete my cheese plate, what do you suggest?”