4 Ways to Use Balsamic

We’re celebrating our newest addition to our private collection—our balsamic glaze from Italy! Whether it’s in an appetizer, entree, snack or dessert, balsamic glaze adds a summery touch to any dish. With the consistency of chocolate sauce, you bet it’s okay to pour this Modena, Italy import over a pile of ice cream. Use it

Staying in this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a Menu MUST-HAVE

Envelop more than just your guy or gal this Valentines, with this take on "Brie en Croute," a classic dish with warm brie and puff pastry. Translating simply to "cheese wrapped in puff-pastry," this recipe is effortless, perfect for a night of love and laughter. Just grab your favorite brie, carve out some love with a jelly heart, and wrap with this pillow-like puff pastry for a taste of romance.

So Fancy—Valier Green Walnut Syrup

Dessert lovers, get ready. We found this thick and sweet syrup at the Summer Fancy Food Show and loved the unique and delicious taste. Created in Veneto, Italy, Valier’s Green Walnut Syrup was founded by a family-owned estate since 1484. This syrup was inspired by one of Italy’s most famous liqueurs called Nocino, which is

KILLER Brownies® Are Taking Over Di Bruno Bros!

They’re here, they’re dangerously delicious, and madness is ensuing. Get a piece of the Killer Brownies® that are creating chaos and taking over our Rittenhouse and Franklin stores. The Salted Caramel — a.k.a “Salty Carmelo” This is a big brownie with an even bigger taste. Sweet. Salty. Rich. Buttery. Sprinkled with a touch of sea salt, this brownie is

Making Tirimisu – Which Ladyfinger to Choose

by: Samantha Kane Tiramisu… you can find it on any menu from your favorite mom and pop spot, to Olive Garden, and even at one of Philadelphia’s best restaurants, Amis.  Stay under the 5 ingredient rule, easy enough to do, and so tasty. So I have decided to make it at home, and find the best