Rock Star Cheese Pairings from Essex St.

By Madame Fromage If you’ve picked up a copy of Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, then you know that there is a chapter called “Rockstars.” Many of the hunks in that chapter come from a single import company, Essex St., in New York that is famous for rocking the American market with some of the best

In Memory of Daphne Zepos

For the past two weeks, the cheese world has been grieving. You may not see it from the outside, but on the inside – behind cheese counters everywhere – there are invisible violins playing Greek rhapsodies. They play for Daphne Zepos, a cheese doyenne who died of cancer on July 3, 2012. Two years ago, I happened to be at a tiny birthday bash for her at Di Bruno Bros. on 9th Street, where I snapped this picture.