First Sweepstakes Winner

Yesterday our first $50 gift card sweepstakes winner was chosen! Mark from NJ was the lucky winner of a $50 gift card for simply subscribing to our newsletter. Not only did Mark win the gift card, but, he’s also going to be among the first to learn of new products at Di Bruno Bros and

Bald Ball – A Hair Raising Event!

Di Bruno Bros. is proud to be a sponsor of Bald Ball 2007. The Bald Ball is the only event that encourages you to lose your hair to raise awareness for breast cancer and raise money for The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation. Whether you have long hair, curly hair, short hair or just need

Matt Says L'Estornell is the Best!

Matt’s responsible for packaging your orders and making sure you get what you ordered. Over the years, he’s tried lots of our products and the normally reserved fellow spoke up today about olives. Matt’s huge fan of the L’Estornell Spanish Olives and wants to share them with you. There is less brine and salt which

The London Files: Day 3

Back at the aging facility for one last day, I began just as I did yesterday: rotating heavy objects. But today was very enlightening for me, as I was able to witness the process by which William Oglethorpe (head affineur of Neal’s Yard) washes his phenominal cheese, Ogleshield. Information like this can really only be

The London Files: Day 2

I spent today at the gym, A.K.A. Neal’s Yard Aging Facility. I began with some heavy reps, rotating some 20 wheels of Isle of Mull Cheddar. This was quickly ensued by some extended light repitition of Brie de Meaux: 180 wheels, 7 pounds each. I was rewarded with a mandatory break for tea and cheese,

The London Files: Day 1

I am standing on London Bridge, gazing down the River Thames towards the Tower Bridge. On my way to this point, I passed Big Ben and the Parliament Building, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. Being immersed in the majesty and royalty of this international capital quickly atones for hardships my wife and I endured

Di Bruno’s Bros. Sweepstakes!

Each week, for the next four weeks, we’re going to randomly select one lucky person to win a $50 giftcard. Want to be that lucky person? Simply click here subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be entered into the drawing to win the $50 gift card. Sign up is quick and easy so don’t miss

New Customers in St. Croix

My friends own “Salud Bistro” on St. Croix and we eat there every Wednesday night for their cheese plates featuring Di Bruno cheeses!You now have another customer in myself and fiance. – Michael

Long Time Fans

We have been going to DiBrunos when the original owners were there. The next generation is doing a wounderful job. I would highly recommend DiBruno’s when your looking for good cheeses bread, olives, etc. – Marie

Pecorino Foja de Noce

I should start this article by dispelling a myth: Pecorino is not the Italian word for “grating cheese.” The root of the word, “pecora,” is Italian for “sheep.” Therefore, “Pecorino” implies a cheese of Italian heritage that is made with sheep’s milk. The most famed pecorino is Pecorino Romano, and because the principal purpose of