In the Kitchen with Jackie — Emilio’s Holiday Cheeseboard

When I asked Emilio what the holidays are like with the Mignucci family he smiled as he replied, “It’s total Bacchanalia”. Did I expect anything less? He proceeded to explain, in delicious detail, how he prepares food throughout the entire day for his family. It looks a little something like this: Cheese and charcuterie board

Fall Harvest Report: From Vine-to-Wine

Fall harvest season is one of my favorite times of year. The leaves are changing, and as the cool breeze releases us from the sweaty grip of east coast humidity, we look for ways to participate in the beauty of the season. Some people take leaf gawking drives through the country, or visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches with a hay ride on the side. I, however, luckily remembered that fall harvest season also applies to grapes, and thought our local vineyards and wineries would be buzzing with activity.

Cheese for Spoiled Wine

by Joe Colosi Bad wine is a very subjective term. To most, it simply implies that the drinker does not care for the taste. But there are specific ways in which a wine’s flavor can be unpleasantly altered. Hunter and I encountered such a bottle of Rioja, intending to complement the wine with cheese. Instead,

Cheese for Schioppettino

by Joe Colosi This week we tasted a delicious bottle of Schioppettino, a wine making a comeback after nearly being destroyed by a debilitating insect epidemic in Europe over a hundred years ago. The grape produces a medium-bodied dry table wine. We attempted as many pairings as were needed to find the right combination of