Mike's Undying Love for Moliterno

Growing up I basically hated food. I was the definition of finicky, constantly picking vegetables off of my plate, or anything else for that matter that I didn’t like the looks of. I scoffed at anything that was outside the little box that I had created for myself. When I first started at Di Bruno’s

Moliterno On Sale

Meaty, intense aged Pecorino from the Island of Sardegna. Firm texture and intense, sharp flavor make this an ideal cheese for serving with cured meats and olives or grating on dishes with boxed pastas. On sale for only $11.99 lb!

Olive oil tasting notes

A few friends recently got together for an olive oil tasting, with the majority of the oils coming from Di Bruno Bros. Follow this link – http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=98349&st=0to follow the discussion and results. An interesting discourse indeed!(FYI – the conversation gets much more olive oil detailed on the second page of the discussion.) – Scott

Winter Pairings

For me, winter is the season to nestle into my comfiest chair, imagine there is a fireplace in my living room, and attempt to finish a Dostoyevsky novel. Ideally, a serving of cheese and libation to match are on the end table. Regrettably, the probability of actually experiencing winter this year is about as bleak

Di Bruno's Support of the Ronald McDonald House

Di Bruno Bros.’ “Cheese Guy,” Emilio Mignucci, and, Moore Bros.’ “Wine Guy,” Dr. Joseph DiLuzio, team up to support the local Ronald McDonald house on March 25. The duo will guide participants through the intricacies of pairing new wines and cheeses. Come out to the Yangming restaurant and support the Ronald McDonald house while you

First Visit

Dear DiBruno Bros., I visited DiBruno on 9th Street today for the first time, and I’d like to thank you for the experience. Your staff members were exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely helpful in my search for particular items and ingredients. I was delighted to be able to find everything I needed in one place. Thank

The Lazy Lady herself comes to DiBruno Bros!

Well, it turns out artisan cheesemaker Laini Fondiller of Lazy Lady farm isn’t the lazy lady at all… It’s her 40 Alpine goats that are doing the slacking! “They’re collecting unemployment for the winter,” lamented Fondiller. Lucky for us, she had a backup plan involving some cows who were willing to do the work. Following

Thank you very much!

My husband and I shopped at your Italian Market store a few weeks ago and bought some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a very tasty blue cheese (don’t remember the name right now), prosciutto, and a couple of other treats. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. We yell out what we’re looking for and someone

Wine and Cheese Wednesdays

Wine and Cheese Wednesdays:Please register early! The last three DiBruno/Wine School events sold out months ahead of time!Reservation are taken at: http://vinology.com/wx3/dibruno.php April 11The Exotica Gourmet Event at Upstairs @ Di Bruno (1730 Chestnut St., 2nd Floor)6 to 8pmThe finest cheeses & wines you have never heard of. Emilio & Keith have scoured the globe

Vantia Provolone

Through the month of January, Di Bruno is offering the Vantia Provolone for only $9.99. Vantia Provolone is the house favorite imported provolone. It has the most flavor of all the provolone we carry. Very sharp! Uncle Danny used to say “See all the juice that is coming out? The cheese cries tears of joy