Who Has the Best Meatballs?

Other than your grandmother who has the best meatballs? With the help of Chef Lenny that question was answered in the first annual ‘Who Has the Best Meatballs’ challenge that pitted numerous South Philly institutions against each other. The top 5 winners are invited to compete against the top South Jersey participants for the ‘Golden

It's Official….We've got the #1 Cheesemonger!

Tara Mataraza Desmond, of Philadelphia City Paper, recently named Di Bruno’s own Ezekial Ferguson the #1 cheesemonger in the Philadelphia area. Mr. Ferguson has been known to genorously share his passion for cheese with our customers and has rightfully gained their respect…not to mention requests for dates. The article mentions Zeke’s favorite cheese, Montgomery’s cheddar,

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Johnny Stracchino

Stracchino is a general term for a type of Lombardy cheese that is made from the milk of cows that had come down from their summer alpine pastures to be wintered on the plains. The milk of these “tired” cows (stracche in the Lombardy dialect) gives a distinctive flavor to the cheese (a direct result

New at Di Bruno – Aranud Olives

Di Bruno Bros. is proud to introduce the newest addition to its array of fine products – Arnaud Olives. Arnaud fresh French Provencal olives are naturally cured with sea salt and water, and seasoned with a dash of sunflower oil and locally grown Herbes de Provence: rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, chervil, oregano, tarragon, marjoram. The

If You Like Primadonna

In recent years, Primadonna has reached a level of popularity that few could have anticipated. While I would not put Primadonna in the upper echelon of cheeses, it is easy to see why everyone likes it: it is very tasty, rather affordable and, perhaps most importantly, has a catch-y name. But in the last several

Red Hawk and Di Bruno in the Inquirer

In today’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Craig LaBan (Inquirer’s Restaurant Critic) wrote about an award winning cheese Di Bruno carries from California’s Cowgirl Creamery – Red Hawk. Click here to read this article from a very well respected restaurant critic.

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Welcome to Queso Philes

Welcome to the new Di Bruno Bros. blog, “The Queso Philes”. This is a forum for us to discuss what we know best…EATING. Food is the general topic, but there is a marked emphasis on cheese and all the gastronomic delicacies associated with cheese. We know the majority of our offerings are new and exotic