Arctic Char Male & Female

All the Rage About Arctic Char

New to our Rittenhouse Seafood Pantheon, but not new to the Scandinavian holy trinity (see title), Arctic char is making quite a “splash” with customers. If you like salmon, or trout, or both, definitely check out this fish. Milder than wild salmon, but more flavorful than rainbow trout, this prehistoric-looking anadromous wonder is not only a low-mercury seafood, but an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable one as well.


Last Friday Benton’s Country Hams accidentally sent us 5 pound packs of pre-sliced bacon instead of the 1 pound pre-sliced packs we usually receive. Now, we could have sent them back with an expense to the fine folks at Benton’s and a longer drought of their bacon in our shop. Instead, as we like to

Anthony’s Gelato

by Molly Brakin The weather has been heating up, which means it’s that time of year again: Summer! I crave ice cream on a daily basis during the sweltering summer months, but I also spend a lot of time in a bathing suit. Unfortunately, these two situations are not complimentary. Luckily, Di Bruno Bro’s has

Where the Buffalo Roam…

One of the recent trends in the foodie world is switching out the everyday beef burger for the now popular Buffalo Burger. A delicious bison burger topped with earthy mushrooms and sweet spring onions is truly a meat lover’s dream. When it comes to celebrating the Buffalo, Fromage lovers are right there with them. Here