Winter Fancy Food Show Trends

Our quest:   Spot the latest food trends and find the best new products to bring to our customers Di Bruno Bros. cheesemongers, merchandisers, designers, and third-generation co-owner Emilio Mignucci spent three glorious days combing through 60 aisles of specialty foods at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Photo credit: Specialty Food Association While there were

Our Five Favorite Truffled Products

This week, we focus on Truffles. The winter truffle harvest yields the most prized truffles, so let’s celebrate with some of our favorite truffle products. Emilio has this amazing way of waxing poetically about every product that he picks up. His excitement is contagious and after we wrap up our meetings I always want to run home and put his tricks of the trade to use.

Jasper Hill Weybridge

Three decadent new cheese pairings: Jasper Hill and Rare Bird Preserves

As you can probably imagine, The House of Cheese is constantly receiving samples and sales pitches for new products. A good percentage of these are cheese-centric, especially in the vein of cheese condiments. As the perpetual wave of new product submissions arrive at our doors, it gets increasingly challenging to find one that stands out from the crowd. You might say it takes a...Rare Bird.<

The Amazing Wheels of Rodolphe Le Meunier

“Puits d’Astier,” Rocco whispered. It sounded like a new frangrance. Pwee d’awz-tee-eh. And it might as well be. Since Saturday, I’ve been patting Puits d’Astier on the insides of my wrists, and wherever I go in the world I leave the aroma of sweet sheep’s milk and hazelnuts. It’s true. Riders of SEPTA, Philadelphia’s public transit system, know me and thank me. Expect men who peddle scented oils from duffle bags to pursue you with bottles of faux Puits d’Astier soon.

Three Stars from Neal’s Yard Dairy

March brings the Flower Show to Philadelphia, and with this year’s “British Landscapes” it seems only proper to offer you a selection of Britain’s best wedges. Should you overdose on the smell of hyacinths, you may wish to pop into Di Bruno Bros. for a sniff and nibble. (Di Bruno Bros. will be a vendor at the show, but the flagship store at 18th and Chestnut is within walking distance.)

Il Viaggio in Italia con Scott, l’Ultimo Giorno

The theme of today’s visits centered on the combination of the Italian approach to tradition combined with innovation. The quote, “L’innovazione e’ la traduzione riuscita bene,” or “Innovation is the result of well managed tradition,” came from Mirella Galloni, the daughter of the founder of Fratelli Galloni. Our fourth day in Italy ended in Parma with a visit to one of the Galloni prosciuttifici (prosciutto crudo plants.)