Pecorino di Pienza

Pecorino di Pienza: The New Cocktail Cheese

I started back to work this week after summer vacation, and believe me when I say: Grrrl needed a martini. That put me in the market for an after-work cheese, something strong enough to stand up to gin. Enter Pecorino di Pienza, a Tuscan sheep’s milk cheese that loves olives, cured meats, and, oh yes, martinis.

Hunter Fike, Cheesemonger

Hometown: Philly Years at Di Bruno Bros.: 14 Fave cheese of the moment: Anton’s Red Love. It’s a washed-rind, brie-style cheese from Germany, and it’s made by a guy named Anton. He named the cheese after his wife, who is a redhead. Pair it with a Riesling, and you have to spread it on Faragalli’s

Ardrahan: An Irish Beauty

If ever there were a “sensuous” category for cheese, Ardrahan just might rock top placement. It is, in a word, plush. Picture a round cushion of a cheese, give it a satiny gold finish and a rich texture, then meditate on this: peanuts, wild mushrooms, a whiff of pasture. It’s cheese nirvana.

Grana Padano: A Pesto-Perfect Cheese

Grana Padano, which costs a third of the price and still tastes like joy itself. Grana Padano looks a lot like Parm. It’s dry and crumbly with a fruity smell and golden color. What’s the difference? True Italian Parmigiano Reggiano is highly regulated and can only be made from the milk of cows grazing in certain provinces during the months of April through November.

Ezekial Ferguson, Cheesemonger

Hometown: Harveys Lake, Pa. Years at Di Bruno Bros.: 7 Fave cheese of the moment: Renata. It’s probably the coolest cheese in the shop right now. Renata is actually a Brown Swiss Cow, one of the three cows that cheesemaker Sally Jackson milks at her farm in Oroville, Washington. I first read about her cheeses