Glam Up Your Deviled Eggs

Let’s be honest… we all love a good deviled egg, especially those ones that feel extra special.  To accommodate our love for these hard boiled treats, we created three variations done the Di Bruno way.  Think prosciutto deviled eggs, creme fraiche eggs, and a deviled egg using one our latest culinary discoveries, Just Mayo. ANTIPASTO

Product Spotlight: Simple & Crisp

These colorful, crispy pops of fruitiness will enhance your next…well, everything. Enjoy Simple & Crisp over a salad, in a cocktail, appetizer, entrée, or dessert! The possibilities are literally endless.  Photo Credit: Simple & Crisp Instagram   We all have that friend who always finds a way to make something simple feel special—these crisps bring

The Buzz on Honey

Honeys produced at different moments of the year, using the nectar of different plants, have different colors, flavors and textures- the concentrated essence of whatever was blooming at a given moment. This is, in part, why there’s far more to honey than just stirring into mug of tea or spooning over a bowl of yogurt. Here are a few ways to appreciate a rainbow of beautiful, seasonal honeys.

Just Perfect Just Mayo Bites

When a product as impressive as Just Mayo comes to our shelves, we celebrate it. This egg-free, plant-based alternative is healthier, more sustainable, and better for the environment than traditional mayonnaise.  Just Mayo just might even taste better than the real deal–a cholesterol-free, non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free, and kosher version of the real deal. Spread