Staying in this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a Menu MUST-HAVE

Envelop more than just your guy or gal this Valentines, with this take on "Brie en Croute," a classic dish with warm brie and puff pastry. Translating simply to "cheese wrapped in puff-pastry," this recipe is effortless, perfect for a night of love and laughter. Just grab your favorite brie, carve out some love with a jelly heart, and wrap with this pillow-like puff pastry for a taste of romance.

12 Days of Pairings — Langres & Dumangin Champagne Jelly

The Twelfth Day of Pairings — Langres & Dumangin Champagne Jelly We close our 12 Days of Pairings blog series with a combination that takes its inspiration from a classic French pairing — Langres with Champagne! Langres is a delicate little soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese from northern France. It’s washed, wrinkled rind cloaks a melt-in-the-mouth interior paste