Clochette, My Pet

This spring, I’ve had a love affair with brainy goat cheeses. They appear this time of year – wrinkly, rumpled, as if they’ve just rolled out of bed – which may explain why I adore them for breakfast. Put on a pot of tea, grab the honey, pop in some toast, and prepare to be awakened with a rise-and-shiny little cheese.

Three Stars from Neal’s Yard Dairy

March brings the Flower Show to Philadelphia, and with this year’s “British Landscapes” it seems only proper to offer you a selection of Britain’s best wedges. Should you overdose on the smell of hyacinths, you may wish to pop into Di Bruno Bros. for a sniff and nibble. (Di Bruno Bros. will be a vendor at the show, but the flagship store at 18th and Chestnut is within walking distance.)

Cheese Plate of the Week April 16th, 2008

Ardrahan: Cow Milk, County Cork, Ireland-The history of Ardrahan cheese begins in 1925 with the establishment of the Lullaby Milk Company. Their herd of pedigree Frieshians routinely gave award-winning milk Ireland throughout the 20th century. However as competition from larger milk companies grew, the Lullaby Milk Company was forced to find alternative profit sources. In

Cheese Plate of the Week February 25th 2008

Humboldt Fog: Goat, Humboldt County, California-Perhaps the most recognizable of all American farmstead cheese, Humboldt Fog is made in Cypress Grove by Mary Keehn. A layer of ash, representing the fog that rolls through Humboldt County every morning, contributes to the aesthetics. Of the numerous awards and recognitions it has received, perhaps the most noble

Cheese Plate of the Week January 28th 2008

Aged Triple Cream Goat:Goat, Hudson Valley, NY-A rich texture paired with a buttery, clean flavor separates this goat from your traditional chevre. While its charms are in its delicate flavors, the result is a cheese with obvious attractions that can be enjoyed as part of a cheese plate before or after dinner. Bitto della Valtellina:

Cheese Plate of the Week October 29th, 2007

Mozzarella di Bufala:Buffalo milk, Southern Italy-A staple of the southern regions of Campagna, Basilicata and Calabria, Mozzarella di Bufala is produced solely with the milk of Italian water buffalo. Within 24 hours of its formation, it is flown to the United States to ensure freshness. Texturally, it is supple and yielding, nearly falling apart at

Cheese Plate of the Week October 15th, 2007

Burrata:Cow, Philadelphia, U.S.A.-An Apulian specialty now produced by DiBruno Brothers, Burrata is a fresh mozzarella stretched flat, and then wrapped around a pocked of fresh ricotta and heavy cream. They are offered plain, or with the addition of pesto, truffle cream or truffle honey. An easy appetizer when served with crusty bread and cured meats.