Three Stars from Neal’s Yard Dairy

March brings the Flower Show to Philadelphia, and with this year’s “British Landscapes” it seems only proper to offer you a selection of Britain’s best wedges. Should you overdose on the smell of hyacinths, you may wish to pop into Di Bruno Bros. for a sniff and nibble. (Di Bruno Bros. will be a vendor at the show, but the flagship store at 18th and Chestnut is within walking distance.)

Amazing Acres Goat Dairy: Q & A with Cheese Makers Will and Lynne Reid

I headed out to Chester County to visit two new cheese makers at a farm Di Bruno’s has been working with for almost two years. Amazing Acres goat Dairy was the project of Cheese Maker Debbie Mikulak and Farm Manager Fred Bloom. They made a variety of delicious fresh and soft ripened cheeses from their flock of Nubian Goats. We loved them, as did a lot of other people, and the demands the farm proved to be quite a bit to handle as new customers continued to emerge, requiring more cheese and more goats to care for to keep up with demand.

Di Bruno’s Fermentation Dinner

I hope you have already eaten. If not, pull up a chair. Grab a napkin. You just might drool. This is the story of a fermentation dinner in celebration of two Philadelphia-area food artisans -- a cheesemaking pioneer named Sue, and a brewer savant named Jean. I want you to meet them.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale with Comte

Pairing cheese with a beer like this is exciting. It’s multitude of layers and subtleties can lead you down many paths, and most will be successful, but Punkin Ale’s association with cooler months demands an Alpine cheese.

Jai Alai

Beer and Cheese Recap: Cigar City Jai Alai

Last night we tried something a little different for Happy Hour...gotta keep those regulars on their toes! Instead of pairing three cheeses with three beers, we paired three cheeses with one beer. Using Cigar City's Jai Alai, we explored how one style of beer reacts differently to different styles of cheese. Forcing ourselves to think outside the box, we discovered some successful pairings in places we least expected to find them.

Beer and Cheese Recap: Nodding Head

Many thanks to Gordon and Curt from Nodding Head Brewery for bringing three outstanding beers to play with. Of course, they seem to find themselves here every Wednesday night, regardless of brewery, so the only real difference is that they now stood on the other side of the counter. Anyway, onto the pairings.

Beer and Cheese Recap: Rock Bottom Brewery

Thank you to Brian McConnell, brewmaster of the King of Prussia Rock Bottom Brewery, for bringing some growlers by for last week’s happy hour. Lets get right to the fun stuff: Saison d’Ete with Ticklemore: This Saison had all the characteristics we expected, and many we did not. The usual notes of yeast and lemon