An Ode to Philly Beer Week

Philly Beer Week is a right of passage for any beverage-loving Philadelphian.  With hundreds of events, enough beer to cover the City, and plenty of cheese to go around, Philly Beer Week deserves some love. Our cheesemongers put together six beer and cheese pairings that will light up your week as an Ode to Philly

Di Bruno Bros. Meets Philly Beer Week—Event List

We love cheese. We love Philly. We especially love eating cheese and drinking beer in Philadelphia.  Here’s nine Philly Beer Week events where you can eat all the cheese, and get all the beer in one place. Cheers. Monk’s and New Belgium Lips of Faith Festival Details: World-renowned New Belgium Brewery is coming to town

The Great Debate – Port and Stilton

I am compelled to begin this post with an apology.  To all the customers who have sought my Stilton pairing advice in the past: I am sorry that I steered so many of you directly to Port Wine.  Don’t get me wrong, Port and Stilton is a classic pairing and certainly works, but lately I have

Oktoberfest with Di Brunos: Droolworthy Beer & Cheese Pairings

Is there a better time of year for foodies than the onset of Fall? Apples, Brussel sprouts, pumpkins and squash are coming into season. The first batches of the Holy Grail of cheese, Vacherin Mont d’Or, has been produced and will be arriving on our shores shortly. The haunting, alluring aroma of truffles is wafting over the Atlantic.

Philly Beer Week Event Calendar

May 31st kicks off 2013 Philly Beer Week, and boy are we excited! We have lots of events in store showcasing some of the best of our cheese selections to pair with craft and local beers. We’ve partnered with restaurants, breweries and food writers to offer a wide variety of events – from educational clases, to sampling events to thoughtful paired dinners and even an exclusive After Hours event at 9th Street on June 6th!

Summery Bites: Highlights from a Night at COOK

A couple recipes from the evening will be in your hands soon – the Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese book comes out in just three weeks! Until then, you’ll have to wing it as you crack open your first Hopfish, your first Exit 16 (made with wild rice, and just glorious!). As I read through my hasty tasting notes, a few favorites jumped out. I am writing them here for you – but also to commit them to memory myself, as a summer mantra.