Monger Mayhem – Five Trends and Predictions for 2024 by our In-house Certified Cheese Experts 

Recently, the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin published their 2024 predictions around potential cheese trends. The consensus was that their findings were spot-on. These cheesemakers know their stuff, so when they talk, we listen. And we’re not the only ones. Producers from The Badger State enjoy a huge cult following of devotees, which is why we offer a variety of tangy Cheddars,

The MEAT Guide — Prosciutto 101

By Emily Teel Photo credit: Eating Slow For having only two ingredients, prosciutto and other cured hams spark immense passion, and the seeming conviction that each one is better than the last. The most fundamental rule is this: prosciutto, speck, and jamon all start out as the exact same cut of meat (specifically, the hind

Entertaining 101: How to Build An Awesome Cheese Plate!

Put together an amazing cheese plate that’s ready to go for your party! Read below for our experts’ entertaining tips. Let us know what you’ve created! Share with us by using hashtag #dibrunobros or tagging us using @dibrunobros! 1. Pick Your Cheeses You only need an ounce of cheese per person, but aim to represent

7 Aphrodisiacs To Stimulate Your Appetite(s)

Though it might be tempting to get dressed up and go out for a big, fancy restaurant meal to celebrate the occasion, a true food lover can easily overindulge and be left with a certain heaviness that may prohibit...other activities. Instead of battling restaurant crowds on V-Day, stay home instead.

How to Eat Panettone!

It seems hard to believe, but not everyone is as big a fan of Panettone as we are. We like to think those people have either been living under a rock, without ample tasting opportunities, or simply haven’t had really good Panettone before. That’s where we come in. Panettone, for those under the Panettone-deprived, carb-free, un-delicious rock,

In the Kitchen with Jackie — Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Hard to believe that summer is gone and it’s time think about fall flavors! Hopefully we’re all settling into our new schedules for work and school. In our house, meal times is the anchor for keeping dinner (and bed time) on track, so it’s definitely time to bring out all those easy, cozy and comforting