Boring Gifts vs. DiBrunified Gifts: The Ultimate Holiday Showdown


There comes a time each holiday season where we all start to wonder whether the gifts we’ve selected for those closest to us are good enough.

Will mom ever wear that sweater? Does this gag gift take it too far? Do those chocolates you picked up at drug store even taste good?

There are a lot of lackluster gifts out there in this world of ours, but don’t fear: Di Bruno Bros. is here. (Yes, that’s a little dramatic, but you know what? Good food is serious business.)

Ensure that you avoid the boring, generic gifts clogging up shopping aisles everywhere and, instead, #DiBrunify your loved ones’ holidays with the tastiest treats in Philadelphia.

Sure, those seasonal Ghirardelli chocolate squares are good, but you know what’s a million times better? Amedei Tuscan Chocolates. Take their Barinas Chocolate Collection, a luxurious assortment of the finest Italian chocolate bars, pralines, and hazelnut creams. This 5-pound treasure trove of Tuscan chocolates is celebrated worldwide for its exceptional quality, tantalizing flavors, and exquisite presentation. Crafted by master chocolatiers at Amedei, each confection undergoes meticulous harvesting, roasting, and production to meet the brand’s uncompromising standards. This exquisite collection includes an array of dark, white, and milk chocolate pralines, sumptuous hazelnut spreads, and an enticing selection of chocolate bars ranging from the rich Porcelana to the bold Acero 95.  Founded in Asti, Piemonte in 1883, Davide Barbero’s family has been making torrone hazelnut nougat for five generations. They are the last truly traditional producer still in Asti – property in this fairly cosmopolitan area has been selling like mad for years, but the Barbero family refuses to move from where their roots are, no matter the amount of money offered. Their devotion to the craft is matched only by the deliciousness of their chocolates.

Do you really want to try to show how much you care with drugstore chocolate? Didn’t think so.

Instead of the dreaded generic fruitcakes that weigh as much as a brick and end up serving as doorstops, pick up a sweet loaf of our Private Label Panettone to take to your holiday hosts. In addition to the fact that it looks like a giant muffin—because come on, who wouldn’t love a giant muffin?—the cakey panettone bread is packed full of sweet, spiced and savory flavors that make a memorable impression. Once you try one, it’ll be easy to see why the New York Times labeled panettone “an obsession for American bakers.”

Speaking of making an impression, you know what people don’t remember? Trays of half-iced cookies sent in the mail as a holiday greeting. Skip the sad cookie trays in favor of a bundle handpicked, small batch treats ranging from gooey to crunchy to savory and beyond. Spoiler alert…it’s our best-selling Binge Watch Gift Box! Featured in Oprah Magazine, it’s the perfect gift for the snack lover you love.

Let’s be honest: Nobody is excited when someone shows up to party with a veggie platter. Cheese, though? Cheese will make everyone want to be your new best friend. Step up your game this year with our Legends of Cheese Collection — see what we did there? Our cheesemongers hand-selected cheeses like L’Amuse Gouda and 1605 Manchego so that you can look like the expert with endless cheesy knowledge. Plus, the insert inside the bag will equip you will cool food factoids so you can talk about the cheesy contents like a true dairy pro.

Instead of gifting something people will use once and forget—ahem, Christmas socks—give them something they’ll eat once and never forget. Our top-notch gift boxes have a little bit of everything, from classic pairings all in one place to toppings that elevate any snack to the next level. Your favorite foodies will appreciate a gourmet gift box experience far more than any run-of-the-mill gadget—we guarantee it. (Psst: Our best-selling Abbondanza gift box is running low on stock, but still available!)

Ready to switch up your holiday gifting game? Order online or stop by your local Di Bruno Bros store and speak to one of our gifting experts.

Happy Holidays from Di Bruno Bros!