In the Kitchen with Jackie — Hand-Rolled Pasta and TRUFF Pomodoro

If you’re like my family, by this time of the winter season you might be going a little stir crazy indoors. By February the excitement of the holidays has subsided and I like to use this time at home for cooking projects to keep us busy – like handmade pasta! It’s probably on everyone’s cooking bucketlist and the end result is so satisfying. It’s one of those recipes that is simple, but not easy, making it a great culinary endeavor.

For many folks the excuse for not making homemade pasta is not having a pasta maker, and understandably so. But I wanted to prove that you can make delicious handmade pasta with just a rolling pin and your muscles. Believe me, you won’t worry about carb calories after you’ve had this kitchen workout! 

For many folks the excuse for not making homemade pasta is not having a pasta machine, and understandably so. But I wanted to prove that you can make delicious handmade pasta with just a rolling pin and your muscles. Believe me, you won’t worry about carb calories after you’ve had this kitchen workout!

The key to any dish that has so few ingredients is using the best quality possible. Pasta is only made from flour and eggs, so it’s important to use a tipo 00 or semolina flour — sorry, all-purpose flour will not cut it in this recipe. These pasta flours are super fine and have less gluten than regular flour, creating the perfect texture and chew in your pasta. And of course, freshly-made pasta deserves only the best sauce to accompany it and here I’ve used one the newest products to hit the shelves at Di Bruno’s…

One of the great perks of my job as a photographer is getting to sample all the delicious products that come to the store. Recently, a jar of TRUFF Black Truffle Pomodoro sauce found its way into the studio — a product that wasn’t yet even launched by the brand! As something so unique and exclusive I thought it would make the perfect sauce to showcase some lovingly-handmade pasta. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, TRUFF makes a line of amazing truffle infused hot sauces. It was one of Hunter’s Food 4 Thought discoveries in 2018, you can read about it here.

Fast forward to 2021 and the brand unveiled a duo of sauces, Pomodoro and Arrabiata. I used the classic Pomodoro – bright and creamy, with a hint of spice and a luxurious note of truffle throughout – but if spice is your thing, go for the Arrabiata.

With incredible truffle sauce and homemade pasta you’ve literally got the recipe for an exceptional dinner at home and keeping the winter blues at bay. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, pour a glass of wine and crank up the Sinatra!

Live near Philly? Shop TRUFF on our Curbside site or app, or visit your nearest store!

Hand Rolled Pasta and TRUFF Pomodoro
Serves 4
Prep time: 1 hour
Cook time: 5 minutes

Notes: Use a kitchen scale for precise and repeatable pasta measurements!

300g Molino Grassi tipo 00 flour 
185g of 2 eggs, 3 yolks, and water to make up the remaining weight
17oz jar TRUFF Black Truffle Pomodoro

Make a volcano shape with your flour on a smooth kitchen surface. Make a well in the middle large enough for the eggs to sit in without leaking out the sides.

Add the eggs and using a fork start gently whisk the eggs together, pulling in little bits of flour at the edges as you go.

Continue to whisk and stir in the flour until the dough is completely combined. The dough will look messy and scraggly when you begin. Use a bench scraper or a knife to combine all the bits.

Using the palm of your hands work the dough and knead it together. This will take about 8 – 10 minutes, which is why it makes it a fun group activity. Take turns kneading until the dough is dense, but soft, smooth and slightly elastic – like firm play-doh. 

Roll the dough into a ball and cut it into 4 equal parts.

Cover it with a clean towel and allow it to rest for about 10 minutes.

When you’re ready to roll out the pasta, start boiling a large pot of water and season it with salt.

Sprinkle a little flour on a smooth work surface and your rolling pin.

Form one section of dough into a ball. Flatten it into a oblong disc and start to roll it out with a rolling pin. 

Again, this is where teamwork is helpful! Rolling out the dough takes some muscles. You want to get it as thin as possible. (Don’t worry about rolling it out too much, you probably can’t roll it that thin by hand!) The dough will be elastic and shrink back a little with each roll, but just keep on rolling.

When it’s completely rolled out into an oblong sheet, roll it up into a baton. Start at a narrow end and roll up fairly tightly. Using the bench scraper or a knife, cut the rolls into pieces about ½” wide. Unroll, and ta-da! Pappardelle!

Dust the pasta strands with a little flour and ball them up into nests while you work on the other sections.

When the pasta is all cut, you can boil them immediately. They only take about 2 minutes to cook and will float to the top when they’re done.

While the pasta is boiling, warm up the sauce in a pan. Use tongs to transfer the pasta directly to the pan and stir into the sauce to coat.

Serve immediately with grating cheese such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano.

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