5 Things to Wrap in Prosciutto

We love prosciutto. Can you tell? Prosciutto is an extraordinarily versatile cured meat not only because its flavor is so complementary, but because its thin slices can easily be wrapped around other things. We’re going to take five ordinary ingredients and transform them into elegant bites. You can certainly devour these on your own as a snack; however, they are the perfect appetizers for entertaining since they are incredibly simple to prepare but look pretty darn fancy.

1. Melon

Pairing prosciutto with something sweet is a classic flavor combination. We suggest a perfectly ripe cantaloupe or honeydew. You can cube the melon into bite-sized pieces or prepare thin slices and wrap up the middle. Boom.


2. Grissini

Grissini are slim Italian breadsticks. They love to be wrapped up in prosciutto, that’s a fact. The crunchy snap of the breadstick balances the fatty chewiness of the meat.


4. Dates

Medjool dates are another sweet treat which can be wrapped in prosciutto all on their own. But, adding a salty, bitey cheese inside will layer another dimension of flavor that will make your taste buds tango. Slice the dates and pit them if necessary. Here, we’ve added a scoop of our Gorgonzola Cheese Spread inside then wrapped them up in prosciutto. Secure it all with a toothpick.


4. & 5. Asparagus & Swiss Chard Stems

Veggies can be… boring. Give them a makeover with prosciutto! Slender grilled asparagus works very well, but for something unexpected, try using otherwise discarded swiss chard stems. Grill them as you would asparagus with some olive oil until they are tender and flexible.