A Photo Recap of our Legends of the Food World Event!

This year’s Legends of the Food World event brought together some of our best food friends, alongside cheese lovers, mongers, and special guests. Great minds and great people came together for a great causs, helping to raise funds for the Daphne Zephos Teaching Award. We hope you were able to join us for this epic night of flavors and libations. Couldn’t make it? Relive it all in this lovely photo gallery, and we’ll see you there next year!

We’d like to thank all our legendary makers for joining us and sharing their knowledge, passion, and gourmet food!

Andy Hatch: Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Todd & Maugan Trethowan: Pitchfork Cheddar
Paolo Tanara: Tanara Prosciutto
Mateo Kehler: Jasper Hill
Adele Ravasio: Cas’Arrigoni
Betty & Martin Koster: L’Amuse Gouda, Brabander
Jan & Roos: Wilde Weide
Philippe Goux: Comte Marcel Petit
Rachel Juhl: 1605 Manchego

Giorgio Cravero: Cravero Parmigiano
David Gremmels: Rogue River Smokey Blue
Paula Forcello: Italian Mostarda
Bruno Gritti: Quattro Portoni
Laura Davenport: Tulip Tree Creamery
Paula Calciolara: Le Tamerici

Be sure to follow the links and try some of their amazing creations.