You Deserve a Break from Cooking Your Holiday Dinner

By Amy Howe, Catering Sales Manager

Sure, the holidays are a time to gather with friends and family, but we all know the real centerpiece of any Hanukkah or Christmas celebration: the food.

As a catering guru at Di Bruno Bros., I know the sort of culinary experiences that keep guests raving for days. I also know the blood, sweat and tears that come along with cooking a full holiday spread—the process is overwhelming and you often find yourself ready for bed before you’ve even had the chance to enjoy your creations.

So, what’s the solution? Catering. Our Di Bruno Bros. Winter Holiday In-Store Pickup Menu, to be more specific.

As we get closer to the holidays, it’s time to hang up your apron, sit back and relax. Here’s just a preview of your culinary adventure when you #DiBrunify your meal.

Cheese Boards

There’s no better way to instantly elevate any holiday party or gathering than a visually stunning board of cheeses, charcuterie, fruit and nuts. At Di Bruno Bros., we’re not interested in throwing together just any cheese board—we want only the best of the best, designed to fit your favorite tastes and themes.

White wine cheese board

Got a favorite part of the city? Great—you can choose between our Italian Market and Rittenhouse boards, both of which capture the essence of our respective stores, jam-packed with gourmet goodies.

Plus, our cheesemonger experts aren’t experts for nothin’: they’ve designed different cheese boards that pair perfectly with beer, red or white wine, depending on your favorite thing to drink. Hello, bliss.

Dinner Packages

Portioned to serve up to six people (with leftovers!), our winter holiday dinner packages deliver all the flavors of a gourmet meal without any of the long hours spent in the kitchen.

What’s your favorite family foodie tradition? (We get it—there are a lot of them.) Whether your holiday is incomplete without ham, turkey, prime rib, beef tenderloin or salmon, there’s an entrée option for you.

Broccoli rabe

Once you’ve got your main event sorted out, you can get on to the good stuff: the sides! Complete your plates with mouthwatering choices like chive mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe, potato latkes and roasted vegetables, plenty of which are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Potato latkes

Full yet? No, of course not, because there’s still dessert.

Ricotta cheesecake

Lucky you: You get to choose between traditional favorites like granny smith apple pie or sweet treats with a twist like ricotta cheesecake and mini cannolis.

Italian Seafood Spread

Mhmm. Yup, you read that correctly. You can have the delicacies of a full-blown seafood spread within your own home—without having to do any of the shucking yourself.

Italian seafood spread

Also serving six, this festive spread includes baccala salad, crab claws, clams casino, lobster arancini, mussels oreganata, jumbo lump crab dip and chilled colossal shrimp.

Clams casino

Fans of seafood treats still on the shell will devour clams casino (baked with bacon, peppers, butter and herbs) and mussels oreganata (baked with Romano oregano crumb topping).

Jumbo Lump Crab Dip and Crab Claws

Plus, you’ll be knees-deep in crab and lobster heaven with crab claws, jumbo lump crab dip (blended with cream cheese, herbs and seasonings) and lobster arancini (served with tarragon pesto).

Á La Carte Hors D’oeuvres

Hey, sometimes the joy of cooking isn’t something you want to miss. We get that. But if you’re looking for a simple way to add elegance and gourmet flavors to your holiday spread, we’ve got you covered.

Want an appetizer to keep your guests happy so you can focus on the main course? Keep things light with a butternut squash soup or classic minestrone.

Butternut Squash Soup

You can also keep vegetarians happy with spinach & artichoke dip and a crisp crudité plate while the seafood fanatics fill up on Maryland-style mini crab cakes, chilled colossal shrimp and lobster arancini.

Lobster Arancini

My team of culinary and event experts can’t wait to help you enjoy every precious holiday moment with friends and family this year. Head over to our full Winter Holiday In-Store Pickup Menu and give us a call at 215.665.1659 to place your order before Wednesday, 12/20. We’ll see you in your local store to pick up your feast!