The Di Bruno Bros. Holiday Gift Box Guide

By the Di Bruno Bros. Gifting Department

The holiday season is in full swing and there’s no escaping the rush of dinner parties and family get togethers coming your way. Whether you’re at Thanksgiving dinner with the family that you only see once a year, or at the office party your boss insisted everyone had to go to, it’s always best to bring a little something for the host.

Thankfully, Di Bruno Bros. offers many different gift boxes and bundles that are perfect for any host. Don’t panic about choosing the right gift box for your picky mother-in-law or your longtime next door neighbor —let us do the picking and choosing for you.

The Abbondanza Gift Box is our best seller, and for good reason. This box brings together a blend of our favorite Italian flavors, from salty cheese to sweet caramels to zesty pepper shooters. The rustic and savory Mild Sopressata paired with the sharp flavor of aged New York white cheddar is a timeless combination. Top it all off with a little salty crunch from our Black Lava Cashews, sure to please even the fussiest eater. This box is perfect for anyone, and features a little bit of everything.

If our Cheese Spread Gift Box can’t make your mother-in-law happy, nothing will. This gift box includes four different artisan cheese spreads and two of our most popular artisan crackers, Sea Salt Crostini and the Rosemary Crostini. They make the perfect complement for our unique cheese spreads. Between the likes of Pinot Grigio & Fig and Provolone & Chianti, the only difficult decision will be which spread to try first.

The Perfect Pairing gift box is no joke. Overflowing with sweet, nutty and tangy notes, we’ve basically made it impossible to pair a bad combination out of the bounty included in this one. We suggest pairing savory Piave with some decadent White Truffle Honey, or Prima Donna with the citrusy Blood Orange & Grappa Jam for a cheese pairing that tastes deliciously like a Negroni cocktail. This gift is a mighty fine one for the just-married couple or another timeless duo in your life.

Ah, the Provolone and Pepperoni Gift Box. This one will bring a tasty bite of food nostalgia to anyone who has ever enjoyed this classic duo of foods together. It’s a truly timeless and perfect pairing. Layer a slice of Pepperoni Sicilian, cured with fennel seeds for an herbaceous punch, with a hunk from the Imported Boccino Provolone Ball. Add some hearty Roasted Red Peppers and Cerignola Olives to balance out all of the flavors perfectly for an unbeatable bite. Send this box to your grandparents, or bring this gift box with you to the office party, or even poker night with the guys.

Our Italian Market Gift Box is rustic all the way. Even your dear grandmother can’t deny this gift box has everything you need for that traditional Italian feel. Packed full of staples from our nearly 80-year-old Italian Market store on 930 S. 9th Street, this box has everything from imported italian Cerignola Olives, to Maestri Prosciutto Italiano, and even “Silver” Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar. A gift box like this makes for a great thank you gift to your parents for hosting all of those holiday family dinners. (Or bring it to dinner so you can eat some yourself.)

Favoloso means “Fabulous” in Italian, and this box is exactly that! This hefty box comes with all the snacks. Yes, all of them – there’s Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauce, La Quercia Prosciutto Americano, Pinot Grigio & Fig Cheese Spread, Asiago cheese, andmuch more. As an added bonus, this box doesn’t just come with delicious food—it also features some of our favorite kitchen must-haves, like the DB Mini Cheese Knife and our Wooden Cheese Board. A box like this is the perfect gift for a close friend who will want to crack it open and share.

Enjoy a flavorful world tour from the comfort of your own home—there’s something nice about not having to go through the TSA Security check…

Our World Traveler Gift Box includes real deal specialty delicacies like Fermin Iberico Chorizo from Spain, Blake Hill Orange & Bourbon Whiskey Marmalade from Vermont, 3 Year Reserve Gouda from Holland, Le Cret 1655 Gruyere from Switzerland and more. It’s the box that will make anyone feel well-traveled without having to pack a single suitcase.

To some, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so give the Cucina Gift Box to someone who would think the same. This gift box has it all: there’s Parmigiano Reggiano, Classico Olive Oil, Bartolini Fusilli Gigante, just to start. What more could you ask for? The Cucina also includes even more Di Bruno Bros. favorites, like Sabatino Truffle Salt, Pesto Sauce, Maestri Salame Rustico, and White Truffle Honey.

The Extravaganza Gift Box is pretty self-explanatory. It’s maxed out with the best crackers, cheeses, meats, oils, pastas, jams, and whatever else you can think of. Beyond that, there’s our Legacy Blend Coffee, Fruttato Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Everything Flatbreads, and Creminelli Salami al Tartufo. Keep in mind this box also comes with delicious 1605 Manchego, L’Amuse Gouda, and Melodie Comte—all delightfully distinctive cheeses made by some of our best friends in the cheese business. It’s the right kind of gift for someone with a hefty appetite and a love for great hand-crafted food.

Finally, the Best of the Best Gift Box is exactly what it sounds like: a box comprised of hefty portions of six of our most exclusive and elite products. Beautifully wrapped in a special wooden crate comes one kilo of Parmigiano Cravero, ‘Gold’ Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fermín Jamon Iberico, a Boska Mini Cheesy Knife and an Artifaqt Cherry Wooden Cheese Board. This box will deliver on every front, as it’s filled with delicacies crafted to perfection. This is a gift for someone who has an appreciation for the finer things in life.

If none of our carefully packaged boxes seem right for your needs, you have the option to build your own. Choose an item from three different categories: a charcuterie, a condiment, and a jam/nut combo. With all of the items we have to offer in our stores, you’re sure to find the perfect mix.

Still need guidance? Just ask one of our associates for assistance. They are our gift-curation experts, after all.

Now that you’ve gotten the full tour of our favorite holiday gift boxes, there’s no need to fret over finding the perfect gift. View our entire holiday collection here. Happy Holidays from Di Bruno Bros.!