What You Could Be Doing Instead of Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

By Amy Howe, Catering Sales Manager

Sure, the holidays are a time to gather with friends and family, but we all know the real centerpiece of any Thanksgiving celebration: the food.

As the Catering Manager at DiBruno Bros., I know the sort of culinary experiences that keep guests raving for days. I also know the blood, sweat and tears that come along with cooking a full holiday spread—the process is overwhelming and you often find yourself ready for bed in the middle of the afternoon before you’ve even had the chance to enjoy your creations.

So what can you do to change that? Catering. Our DiBruno Bros. Thanksgiving Dinner Package serves six people (with plenty of leftovers!) and is the definition of a crowd-pleaser.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, it’s time to hang up your apron, sit back and relax. Here’s just a preview of the time you’ll save (and what you’ll do instead) when you #DiBrunify your Thanksgiving.

Holiday_Catering_2017-6402Staying in bed = All-Natural, Slow-Roasted Whole Turkey (6 hours) 

Cooking the superstar of your Thanksgiving feast—especially one as delicious as our boneless turkey with a chanterelle turkey gravy—takes a solid six hours between prepping and cooking. Imagine how much of that time you could spend still asleep or watching the Macy’s Parade curled up on the couch instead of scrambling around the kitchen. 

Holiday_Catering_2017-6393Going out with old friends = Old-Fashioned Stuffing (3 hours)

Everyone knows the night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest nights of the year at bars, but not when you’re stuck at home watching the evening go by while slicing cubes of bread for your stuffing so they have time to dry overnight. It’s easy to relax for a few hours with old friends when you know your delicious stuffing made of artisanal bread, fresh herbs, vegetables and all-natural vegetable stock will be picture-perfect the next day.


Not rushing to get ready = Chive Mashed Potatoes (2 hours)

As the host of Thanksgiving dinner, you want to impress your guests, and you’ve probably spent the last few weeks imagining your dining room table—and yourself—dressed to perfection. Potatoes don’t peel, boil and mash themselves, though, so take the time to run a comb for your hair and take a long, hot shower while you get excited to enjoy impeccably creamy, golden potatoes mashed with sour cream and chives.


Enjoying the game = Harvest Root Vegetables (2 hours)

Chopping, chopping, chopping. It feels like that’s all you do when it comes to cooking vegetables, right? Rather than stand at the counter and totally tuning everyone else out so that you don’t slip up and slice a finger instead of a carrot, relax on the couch and watch your favorite team’s Thanksgiving day game distraction-free. You’ll feel great when the commercials come on and you don’t even have to lift your blanket to check on what’s on the stove; your caramelized harvest root vegetables finished with herbs and Sicilian olive oil are all ready to go.


Perfecting your table decorations = Granny Smith Apple Pie (2 hours)

Whether you’re one to bake a Thanksgiving pie the night before or day-of, the whole process takes up a precious hour or two that could be spent putting the final touches on everything from your place cards to your mood music. Why spend that time baking when you could simply choose between spiced pumpkin, granny smith apple or southern pecan pies?


In addition to an entrée, two vegetables, potatoes, stuffing and dessert, our Thanksgiving Dinner Package comes with dinner rolls, butter, cranberry relish and gravy. If you’d rather just focus on cooking your turkey, we also have a Thanksgiving sides package and plenty of á la carte options to add sophistication and sizeable flavor to any feast.

From classic cheese boards to chipotle pumpkin bisque, ordering catering means the ability to spend your Thanksgiving the way you’re supposed to: actually gathering with your guests and enjoying their company.

My team of culinary and event experts can’t wait to help you enjoy every precious Thanksgiving moment with friends and family this year. Head over to View our full Thanksgiving catering menu here and give us a call at 215.665.1659 to place your order before Thursday, November 16. We’ll see in your local store to pick up your feast on the day before or day of Thanksgiving!