Cooking With Cheese – Lasagna Roll-Ups with Ricotta, Pepperoni and Basil

An ode to Lasagna:


Lasagna, are you perfect? Can a food truly be perfect?
You are.
Your layers of sauce and cheese make my heart soar.

I think of you, fresh and hot out of the oven,
steam rising,
with the gooey parmesan cheese strings stuck to the sides of the pan.
Thick layers of noodles, fragrant tomato sauce and rich ricotta cheese
in every bite. Basil freshens it all, the aroma so light amongst the smell of rich golden cheese.

Happiness is the first of many never ending bites. I can’t even be mad at you when I spill your sauce on my shirt; it’s just part of the experience.

Now to go and read a Garfield cartoon until the hunger pangs return…


Here’s a recipe for Lasagna Roll Ups – all the great flavor, less of a mess, more of the fun. We can’t guarantee that you won’t spill sauce on your shirt, but we can guarantee that these will be delicious.


Lasagna Roll-Ups

Makes 10 Rolls


10 Rustichella d’Abruzzo lasagna pieces

½ LB thinly sliced pepperoni

Fresh basil leaves

15oz Ricotta

Salt & pepper

You Favorite Pasta Sauce – We love Di Bruno Sweet Basil and Garlic Sauce



Prepare lasagna according to package instructions.

Season the ricotta with salt and pepper.

Take a lasagna noodle and spread about a TBSP of ricotta along the

length of the pasta.

Evenly layer about 4 pieces of pepperoni and 3 basil leaves on top.


Starting at one end, roll up the pasta as tightly as you can. Finitio!

Use the rolls to dip into the sauce. We prefer the sauce warmed.

Eat, enjoy, be happy!