Producer Spotlight: Jasper Hill Farm and the Cellars at Jasper Hill

Jasper Hill Farm's Cheese Cellar

Few names in American cheesemaking ring out louder than Jasper Hill Farms.  Nestled in Vermont’s northeast kingdom, Jasper Hill was started by brothers Andy & Mateo Kehler in the hope that they could provide meaningful work for the place they love. What began as a small Vermont cheesemaker gradually grew into an award winning line of cheeses, sprawling cheese aging facility and a dedicated quality control staff that sets standards for cheesemakers across the US.

jasperhillsJasper Hill’s motto is “A taste of place.”  This is indicative of their  desire to explore their Vermont terroir, or make cheeses that will be unique because of the place they were made. To this end, Jasper HIll is dedicated to keeping their 50 Ayrshire cows on pasture for as long as possible and supplementing their diet with locally sourced hay and non gmo grain. Jasper Hill has purchased a massive Hay Dryer(!) from France in order to make sure that their cows have hay, even in the wet New England winter.

Birchrun Hills Farm

Jasper Hill has endeared itself to cheesemongers by having a dedicated sensory analysis team that grades every single batch of every cheese that Jasper Hill makes or ages for other farms. Each cheese has its own specialist with the entire team overseen by creamery manager Nat Bacon. These teams identify the dominant  flavor notes in each cheese and makes sure that each cheese they sell is up to the standards of their vendors. Jasper Hill has gone beyond this for their cellar aged Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and identified the 4 types of flavor profiles that exist and aged them out to their utmost expression of that profile. This Cabot Clothbound Black Label program will be arriving at Di Brunos in October, which along with a custom beer washed version of their famous spruce-bound Harbison cheese will mark another exciting new phase in the collaboration between Di Bruno’s and this pioneering american cheese maker.


Try some of our Jasper Hill favorites!

PPA_Cabot (2)Cheddar fans will fall hard for Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. Rich with brown butter notes and a hint of crunchy crystalline magic. Order Here

Bayley Hazen by Jason Varney

The Stilton of the Northeast Kingdom. Bayley Hazen Blue is an All-American original that can stand up to England’s greatest blue cheese. All of fudge, anise, licorice, sweet cream, and true blue cheese magic. Spicy and sweet, order it here.


Mystical Harbison. Is it a cheese? It is a self-contained fondue? Is it the dip of your dreams? It is, quite literally, everything that is perfect in the food world. Rich with notes of mustard, lemon and goodness, order it here.