Get Lucky! Stout & Whiskey Cheese Pairings

This St. Patrick’s Day, beer and whiskey make a rainbow connection with cheeses that are good as gold!

Cheese & Stout Pairings
  •   MOST STYLES OF STOUT + L’AMUSE GOUDA + BEQUET SEA SALT CARAMELS  Let’s start off with a general and easy one. The sweet and chewy sea salt caramels pair beautifully with the strong, hoppy, dark chocolate aromas of all stout styles, finished by the nutty and caramel-ly L’Amuse Gouda.
    • •   CHIRIBOGA BLUE + CHOCOLATE STOUT + BLACK LAVA CASHEWS This “ice cream blue” is perfectly paired with the oatmeal stout of your choice, and it all just gets better when you add the sweet and salty Black Lava Cashews from the Di Bruno Bros. snack collection. We often shave chocolate over this cheese as it is, so why not make that chocolate beer instead? A few favorites are Yards Chocolate Love Stout or Southern Tier Choklat.

•   IMPERIAL STOUT + STILTON The beer and cheese dessert course. A perfectly balanced Stilton has flavors of fresh cream, grasses, hay and blue mold in perfect harmony. A good stout should be equally nuanced, with a full body, hop backbone and contrasting sweetness. Together, Stilton and Stout elevate each other to heights unattainable on their own.

•   OATMEAL STOUT + READING RACLETTE Medium to full-bodied oatmeal stout with amazing smoothness and sweetness pairs perfectly with the sweet, almost apricot-y Reading Raclette that has a sneaky finish of funk.

  • •   DRY IRISH STOUT + DURRUS Whether you’re a committed funkophile or just getting into the stink, Durrus will suit your needs. Its flavor and texture combined evoke peanut butter, but don’t let that distract you from the distinct washed-rind characters: wet straw, leather, and a memory of the Irish sea-air. This Irish cheese pairs beautifully with a dry stout that has tones of coffee and bitterness with malt and roast flavors. Guinness is the most famous beer of this category, but we also love the locally made Sly Fox O’Reilly’s Stout.
Cheese + Whiskey Pairings
  • •   ADELEGGER + “OWL’S TODDY” Mix 2 parts Owl’s Brew “The Classic” with 1 part Whiskey and garnish with apple slices. Heat ingredients in a saucepan (do not boil). Pour and garnish with apples or cinnamon sticks. This fun drink pairs well with Adelegger—the meatiest of the Alpines. Adelegger moves from smooth to crunchy in each bite. You’ll get all the roasted-nuttiness you expect from this style with an additional, über-robust layer of savory qualities.
  • •   WILDE WEIDE GOUDA WITH APRICOTS AND WHISKEY This small-batch, organic raw-milk Gouda is so complex, it can stand up to dark spirits. In fact, the cheese itself tastes a little bit like whiskey. Try the cheese first; let it melt on your tongue, and note the range of flavors. Then take a sip of whiskey. Eat the apricot to refresh your palate.
  • •   JAMESON WHISKEY + CABOT CLOTHBOUND CHEDDAR Hard and crumbly when well-aged, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar is slightly tangy but still incredibly well-balanced with a nutty sweetness. It pairs deliciously with Jameson whiskey that’s spicy and nutty with notes of vanilla, sweet sherry and a heck of a lotta smoothness!


Looking for a smorgasboard of cheeses to pair with all of your favorite whiskeys and beers? Check out our Beer & Bourbon Collection. It travels well and makes for a great gift!


Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Share your pairings with us using hashtag #dibrunobros.