Our Top 10 Gifts Of The Year!

A round of applause, please—these are the Top 10 items that we’ve sold at all Di Bruno Bros. locations this year! Extensive research, multiple computer reports and some cross-skims on Yelp factored into us making this announcement. (Just kidding. Thank you, computer technology, for all of your available statistical reports.)

Each item can make a tasty gift for someone you know, or a sweet/spicy/savory treat from you, to you.

#1) The Abbondanza Gift Box


Our #1 best seller year after year, the Abbondanza Gift Box contains all the makings of an Italian snacking feast—aged New York Cheddar, rustic charcuterie, original recipe cheese spreads, antipasti and more.  For added crunch, there are Black Lava Cashews, dusted with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt. For a sweet finish, there are just enough small batch caramels to satisfy a dessert fix. That Abbo, it’s got it all.

How We’ve Used: Paired with a Godfather movie marathon, or a Sinatra soundtrack. Our best-selling holiday gift goes great with a proper movie marathon. This is also our go-to gift for…pretty much anything. (No offense to the other gifts.)


#2) The Parm Party Bundle


Experience the most celebrated cheese in Di Bruno Bros. history alongside its culinary cohorts in the Parm Party Bundle. It’s like a party with all of the popular kids, represented by great foods. This bundle has Parm paired up with balsamic, prosciutto, soppressata, and pasta fixins’.

How We’ve Used: Picking up this bundle takes the work out of shopping for a dinner party. No one will ever know that you didn’t design it all yourself…and we won’t tell if you don’t.


#3 Parmigiano Reggiano, Just As Himself

Parm Regg Kilo Bag

The King of Cheese, always and forever – and he’s on sale for the remainder of December! Crunchy, crystalline golden goodness. Buy a wedge or buy a kilo – you know you’ll use it, after all.

How We’ve Used: How haven’t we used Parm!? Latest favorite: gifted alongside a bottle of Lambrusco and some fig balsamic compote. If you want more ideas for how to use Parm, click here for a post about how we’ve jazzed up Parm during the holiday season, or click here to learn about all of the different things that we’ve had to drink with Parm. Tough research, indeed.


#4 Pinot Grigio & Fig Cheese Spread (And A Few Other Cheese Spread Friends)

Pinot Grigio


New Cheese Spreads

Our cheese spreads are inspired by family recipes that were once made in the Italian kitchen of Di Bruno Bros. founders Danny and Joe Di Bruno, over 50 years ago. Evolved from an Italian tradition of blending cheese ends to a make a new spreadable treat, these spreads can simply be opened and devoured with nothing but a spoon, but we’ve been inspired to use them in so many more ways! For some ideas, check out these six recipes to illustrate the versatility of the new flavors and help excite the culinary pioneer in you!

How We’ve Used: This one is so new, you can try anything with it! We’ve most recently tried adding it to a creamy kid-friendly baked mac and cheese. Next up: spread on a hoagie roll with some roasted turkey and crisp lettuce.


#5) Black Lava Cashews

Black Lava CashewsThat sweet nut your friends won’t stop talking about. Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt Cashews are as delicious as they sound like they could be. They’re dusted with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt – if you didn’t know, Hawaii has made a name for itself with this Black Lava sea salt. Adding the highest quality charcoal to white sea salt, the exciting Black Lava sea salt adds an exceptional flavor and a dramatic look. A dusting of this dark colored sea salt onto premium grade roasted cashews will have guests admiring this exotic treat from across the room.

How We’ve Used: Eaten by the handful out of our desk drawers for a snack fix…toss back crunch after crunch as is, pair with any Gouda you can find, or crunch and bake into breakfast or desserts.


#6) Prima Donna


So nutty, so crunchy! Fun cheese fact: Pretty Prima Donna is the only cheese that approaches Parmigiano Reggiano in sales. The inspiration for Prima Donna was to create a hybrid of Parmigiano Reggiano and Gouda, and the cheesemaker seems to have found a pretty good balance between the two.

How We’ve Used: Drizzled with salted caramel for a crunchy dessert course. Pair with most beers or red wines.  We love it with Black Lava Cashews or Cinnful Cocoa Pecans.


#7 Sweet Soppressata

Aged Provolone & Soppressata

Our Sweet Soppressata is an Italian classic; rustic and savory. It pairs with any semi-soft, approachable cheese style around, or makes a nice snack all on its own.

How We’ve Used: As a pepperoni alternate for pizza fans. Any way you slice it, this salami is a necessary addition to your next cheese and meat plate.


#8 Cheese Pairing 101

Choose Your CheeseWhat could be better than cheesemonger-crafted pairings delivered right to your doorstep, every single month? If you even have an answer for this….we won’t hear it. There’s nothing better than that. Getting a surprise cheese in your mailbox every month is destined to be a delightful journey of delicious proportions. Join this exclusive but darn-friendly club where you’ll disappear down the rabbit hole of cheese pairings that’s been dreamed up (and test-eaten) by our team of dairy-loving mongers. Some months will be decadently creamy, starring something like buttery triple-crème Delice with cinnful cocoa pecans and amarena cherries. Others will have a crunchier personality with a bit of bite, such as Asiago Stravecchio with speck and Truffled Honey.

How We’ve Used: There’s no better gift for a true turophile. Literally a new cheese, every month, delivered right to you. No lines, no fuss, all fun.


#9) L’Amuse

L'amuse Gouda

The reigning queen of aged Gouda, to which all others simply bow, L’Amuse was developed and matured by Betty Koster and her husband Martin. Together, they are the unofficial ambassadors for real Dutch cheese. Betty opts to mature this cheese at a higher temperature than normal, which helps keeps the moisture locked in the cheese, resulting in an unusually creamy paste for an aged Gouda. Sweet caramel layered with toasted nuttiness, the firm-but-creamy paste is spotted with bright casein crunch.

How We’ve Used: Think bold reds like Bordeaux or Côtes du Rhône, or sweeter dessert options like Port. This cheese is stunning with dark, malty beers like chocolate stouts or porter Either way, make sure you pair it with those Black Lava Cashews from up above.


#10) Favoloso


“Fabulous” in Italian, & this box is exactly that! Standing by its name, this Di Bruno Bros. signature combination of cheeses, snacks and spreads is brimming with so many magnificent goodies that you’ll never have to think twice about whether you have enough to feed your guests.

How we’ve used: The gift we give when we want to give literally everything. Hey, if you’ve got that giving spirit…