Parmigiano Reggiano Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

If you missed our introductory Parm 101 post, click here to play cheese info catch up.

Between the golden hue, the tantalizing smell and the special studded rind, classic Parmigiano Reggiano is already pretty fancy without any additional adornment. But in the same way that we all like to splurge on ourselves, doesn’t a great cheese also deserve an extra somethin’ somethin’ from time to time? Here’s how we envisioned the King of Cheese getting in on the holiday season action. FYI—since Parm is on sale for just $14.99/lb. online and at all Di Bruno Bros. locations for the remainder of December, this is a great time to stock up on this shelf-stable cheese and some friendly accompaniments.


Parm Knows That Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day…Because It Keeps Him Fueled For Holiday Shoppingtruffle-avocado-toast_2

Cheese for breakfast makes everyone happy, and Parm in particular gives you a protein-packed start to the day. Keep it simple with soft eggs, crispy toast and a hearty grating of Parmigiano Reggiano. Or, get creative. Adding Parm and freshly snipped chives to a waffle batter will give you a savory spin on this breakfast staple. Parm can also be a welcomed addition to grits, offering some cheesy personality to this blank canvas of a breakfast food. Add shrimp or your favorite protein on top, and another sprinkling of grated Parm on top. We’ve even sprinkled Parm on avocado toast in lieu of salt. Highly recommended.

The King Of Cheese Livens Up All Greens


Health is wealth, even during the holiday season, so make sure to eat a green thing here and there. Grating Parm over stewed or sautéed dark greens, such as kale or chard, is a tasty alternative to straight salt. Add a little lemon juice for acid and you’ve got one delicious vegetable dish. Parm is also a star ingredient in a tasty pesto sauce, such as the Di Bruno version made simply from Ligurian basil, olive oil, cashews, pine nuts, Parmigiano Reggiano, salt, and garlic. Pesto is delicious but can be labor-intensive to make. Save yourself some time: buy it here, add it to tortellini or a sandwich, and enjoy.

Parm’s Party Outfit


Parmigiano Reggiano likes to get party-perfect by decorating himself with the perfect accessories accompaniments. (Some of his ideas come from too much pre-party Prosecco, but that’s fine.) For a fun party bite, try drizzling the fanciest honey you can find all over little chunks of cheese. Honey-wise, go for the glittery sheen and delightfully earth aroma of our White Truffle Honey. December is truffle season, after all, and truffle is the glitter that doesn’t leave sparkly bits all over everything else you own. Another elevated staple to perk up your party snack tray would be to do the classic Parm and balsamic pairing, but taken above and beyond with a barrel-aged Balsamic. We like to break out the DB Gold Barrel-Aged Balsamic for parties, because it’s not the sort of Balsamic that we use every day. Bonus: this is one of the easiest party snacks to set up that there is!

Parm Attends A Fancy Holiday Dinner

Parm gets invited to all kinds of fine dinners during the holiday season, and since his presence makes meals better for everyone, he always does his best to show up. A pasta course is obviously his favorite, though he’s been known to come early for the soup and stick around for a nice meat course. Have your own perfect pasta dinner with a chunk of Parm and our range of both imported and locally-made pastas. Parm is also the perfect addition to your simmering tomato sauce. Throw a chunk of rind in during the simmer to add body and flavor depth.


Looking for something other than Parm and pasta? Risotto is another good way to go; just add broth, lots of stirring and lots of Parm.

Risotto FinalYou can also keep things healthy with a saute of mushrooms, zucchini, and other seasonal vegetables, and then make the whole thing fancy with an ample grating of Parm. Other favorite meals to consider: pull-apart Parmigiano Reggiano rolls, baked squash halves covered in Parm, add it to a meat or fish carpaccio…this list can go on forever.

Parm: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Parm Regg Kilo BagA gift you can eat is a gift to appreciate. Parmigiano Reggiano is a great base gift for all food lovers in your life, and can be personalized with by adding the perfect accompaniment. Have a friend who loves savory and sweet? Do a hunk of parm, top a jar of Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauce or a Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar with a bow, and you’ve got a great gift to give. Other gifting ideas: Parm and fig vinegar, Parm and a fruity balsamic compote, your personal favorite pickle or nut….the possibilities are endless. Adding a bottle of Prosecco, such as the Ca Furlan Prosescco available in our Franklin Bottle Shop, rounds the whole thing out quite nicely. And since Parm is safe to ship wherever you’d like, you can give this gift to loved ones both near and far. Easy, cheesy!

Friendly reminder: Parm is on sale for the month of December! Buy by the pound here or by the kilo here.