Supporting Local PA Business Never Tasted This Good!

Featured Photo Credit:  “twinfarmblog”

All October long we have been spotlighting our top American original cheeses to spread light on just how innovative our local fromagers can be. From Atlantic to Pacific, Di Bruno Bros. sources cheeses evoking the classic tastes of Europe to new creations the world has never seen or tasted before and we saved some of the best for last, as well as close to home, from The Pennsylvania Cheese Guild featuring Birchrun Hills Farm and The Farm at Doe Run’s most tasty cheeses!

A Little History…

The Pennsylvania Cheese Guild was founded in 2015 by a group of cheesemakers, retailers, scientists and our very own Di Bruno Bros. VP of Culinary Pioneering to strengthen and promote high-quality, sustainable production of cheese in Pennsylvania. Rooted in promoting the very best this beautiful state can conjure up, the guild is built on the backbone of American ingenuity and hard-working farmstead values. We love supporting local businesses and know it has never reaped such a reward in tastiness like this before.

Meet Our Keystone Faves

BIRCHRUN HILLS FARM FAT CAT | Grassy & Tangy from Chester Springs, PA


Right off the bat, this sexy, rotund cheese is formed from the wholesome goodness of raw, grass-fed, hormone/antibiotic free cow’s milk. It was born out of the earnest American dream to build a good life off of the land for the Miller family. They supported their family for 20+ years on the milk of their all Holstein herd and turned to a new endeavor of cheesemaking in 2006 with the strong backbone of an agricultural history spanning 30 years. Birchrun is all about family, incredible and local ingredient sourcing and cheesemaking standards that render a plethora of outstanding cheeses.

Perfect Pairing:
Partner this natural rind, semi-soft cheese with an earthy yet refined salame tartufo to evoke the grassy, animal notes in the cheese and with a French, tangy mustard and Di Bruno Bros. sesame seed flatbread cracker for a simple yet delicious crowd pleaser.

THE FARM AT DOE RUN SEVEN SISTERS | A Best of Show Stopper Cheese From Chester County, PA


The Farm at Doe Run is based on a love and respect of the land, a philosophy of simple sustainable farming. This state and national award winning creamery team lead by two talented cheesemakers, Samuel Kennedy and Matthew Hettlinger, work to produce the highest quality cheeses from their three grass-fed Jersey cow herds. They take great pride in their products reflecting the bountiful harvest of the seasons, while taking to heart the meaning of being a true steward of the land, for our American soil.

Their cream of the crop cheese, Seven Sisters, has won Gold and Best of Show for the great state of PA for two years running. She is a thing of beauty evoking tastes of all the fresh goodness a fertile farmstead offers…hints of milk and honey, melted toffee and butterscotch, dotted with the earthiness and nutty flavor of almonds and hazelnuts will leave you wanting for more of this intoxicating, milky sweet cheese. There is a reason this cheese wins the judges over year after year.

Perfect Pairing:
Seven Sisters was made to grace your table this time of year. She is the perfect Fall plating cheese. Pair her with a ripe, fresh Honeycrisp apple cut into thin wedges and a freshly sliced baguette. Enjoy alongside a crisp, acidic white wine, Saison beer or fruity cider.

BIRCHRUN HILLS FARM BLUE | A Sweet & Peppery Blue from Chester Springs, PA


Another Miller family thing of beauty, stemming from handcrafted raw-milk cheese from the farm’s impeccably treated Holstein herd. This semi-soft, mild blue cheese is rare and difficult-to-come-by if you are not in the state of Pennsylvania. Among other accolades, this naturally rinded, farmstead cheese put America on the world’s cheese radar. It has just the right amount of fudgy and crumbly texture alongside delicate yet peppery mellow notes of blue.

Perfect Pairing:
In the vein of keeping it local, we suggest rounding up additional delicious PA treats, like Éclat fine chocolates and 1732 Meats Black Peppercorn Bacon or spread your wings and take a trip to Italy for a more exotic, explosion of flavors with a fig and balsamic reduction or sweet yet tart black amarena cherries accompaniment…all tastebud pleasers!

Consider these cheeses next time you visit one of our Di Bruno Bros. locations to create your unique, all-American cheese plates just in time for fall entertaining!