A Well-Rounded, All-American Cheese Plate

What does a blue, a Gouda, and a fresh all have in common? They create one of the most fall-centric pairing options we have ever tasted and the cherry on top is they are all sourced locally, from creameries raised on American soil! Take a bite and recall memories of autumns spent playing in vibrant leaves, carving pumpkins, and warming the first budding chill off by the fireside. This slightly sweet and earthy cheese plate pairs perfectly with notes of dark, fruity red wines and hoppy pumpkin beers. Learn how to make your perfect DIY bountiful harvest cheese plate just in time for all of the holiday entertaining to come!

A Little History…

Marieke’s Mature Gouda | A Dutch Classic Born From the Pastures of Wisconsin

Marieke’s Mature Gouda
This caramelly, fresh cream Gouda is strongly linked in process and ingredients to an authentic Old World style, yet is born right here in the U.S.A. In terms of authenticity, all of the equipment, curd cultures, herbs/spices and the founder herself, Marieke, come from Holland. The passion that goes into producing this delectable cheese is apparent in its taste… it presents a pleasant, milky sweetness that is brought forth by delicate notes of sylvan pine and flora—a result of the wood boards on which the wheels are aged. This Wisconsin cream of the crop cheese is one of our personal favorites and is praised worldwide as the 1st through 4th place winner at the 2014 World Cheese Awards! Not an easy feat when you are up against some of the most highly touted cheesemakers in the world.

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Point Reyes Blue Cheese | Modeled After a Danish Blue — Born on the American Farmstead

Point Reyes Blue Cheese

This rich and creamy blue is all-natural and made from the raw milk of a single herd of Holstein cows, with the added benefits of being gluten-free and vegetarian. This cheese is produced in the cliffs high above Tomales Bay in California and holds onto the salty effervescence of the sea. Modeled after a Danish Blue and Maytag, Point Reyes is mild with a medium punch of blue flavor, offering an accessible blue palate to please most taste buds.

Much like our Di Bruno Bros. Italian roots, the legacy of the Point Reyes cheesemaking tradition was founded by Tobias Giacomini who moved to Northern California from Northern Italy with a dream of owning his own farmstead and business. This American blue truly is a dream come true.

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Humboldt Fog | An American Icon Harkening Back to a Classic French Goat Chèvres

Jasper Hill Farm's Humboldt Fog

The first American cheese to be exported to France, the Humboldt Fog legacy was born in the 1980’s and paved the way for American cheesemakers to carve out a place of admiration amongst some of the best cheesemongers in the world. This mold-ripened ethereal goat’s milk cheese peaks from the outside-in, producing an ever-blooming ring of gloss around the still flaky and rich center, redolent with notes of citrus and herbs over a rich base of buttermilk. Its crumbly core matures into a soft-ripened, creamy texture with a central line of edible white ash. The signature outer layer of vegetable ash adds a patriotic navy tone, but don’t let it fool you—this is no blue cheese.

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The All-American Plating Recommendation

Slice generous wedges of all three cheeses listed above. Place with subtle space between each cheese on a flat medium to large serving dish. Sprinkle in between the spaces with a section of rolled Quercia Prosciutto (an American sourced prosciutto) or a cured ham, place a jar of local preserve like a plum, port and star anise Blake Hill jam and/or a local honey in the middle section and lastly, arrange a medley of roasted nuts and dried figs in the remaining space. Place a basket of crusty, freshly sliced baguette and Di Bruno Bros. crostini alongside the plate. Pair alongside hoppy fall beers and/or a dark fruity Pinot Noir or full-bodied reds like French Bordeaux and Montepulciano. Now take a moment and bask in your fall harvest plating skills before it disappears!

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