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All month long, we are bringing to your table the top American original cheeses available on the market today. Built upon the backs of our local farmsteads, the art of cheesemaking calls for all heart and a rich knowledge of the land. From farm to table, in pursuit of the best natural practices possible, no one deserves this shout out more than the Jasper Hill Farm Creamery. Founded by the Kehler brothers, this lush paesa in Greensboro, Vermont, is all about the passion it takes to turn an American dream into a reality. From how they treat their cattle (as members of the Jasper Hill family) to the attention to detail that touches all aspects of their cheese making process, Jasper Hill Farms is an American dream come true. Let us enlighten you on what makes this place extra special at making cheeses that simply delight us.

Ayrshire cows

Jasper Hills Farm is owned and operated by brothers, Mateo and Andy Kehler, who employ over 40 locals in their craft operation. The brothers were driven by the desire to create a business that provided “meaningful work in a place that we love.” That place is a little corner of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom, where the Kehlers spent their summers as children, which makes it all the more personal to them to build a cheesemaking empire grounded on family roots and a love of the land. They milk a herd of 45 Ayrshire cows, who are treated to the ultimate countryside vita bella to freely graze and live happily. When cows are treated this well, the cream produced is rich and blooming due to their partially foraged diet. In the years since they set up shop in 2003, Jasper Hill Creamery has enjoyed major successes with their line of cheeses, including multiple American Cheese Society award wins and several Best In Shows.

Our Cheesemongers’ Picks


Alpha Tolman | The 2014 American Cheese Society 2nd Place Winner

Jasper Hill Farm's Alpha Tolman

Named after a philanthropic dairy farmer responsible for building Jasper Hill’s local library in 1900, Alpha Tolman is a raw, Alpine-style cheese. With a dense, supple paste and a dried mushroom aroma, it develops notes of cooked leeks and a finish reminiscent of roasted cashews. It ages for about 8-11 months. The milk for this cheese is sourced from the all-Holstein herd of a local partner, the Andersonville Farm in Glover, VT.

How to Plate: Pair a wedge of Alpha Tolman with a basket of crusty bread, saucisson sec, and a side of cornichons for an easy DIY appetizer!

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Harbison | The 2014 American Cheese Society 1st Place Winner

Jasper Hill Farm's Harbison

A strip of soft spruce bark harvested from Jasper Hill’s property encircles this bloomy-rinded, soft-ripened wheel. Rich and spoonable in the center, the paste takes on a woodsy complexity from the direct contact with its binding and cattle’s diet. This luscious cheese’s namesake is another Greensboro native – Anne Harbison, an active and engaged local community member.

How to Plate: We recommend pairing this delectable cheese with a well-sourced maple syrup. Try one of our premium selections like our warming, fall-ready Blis Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup or Mulgio’s Pinecone Bud Syrup to radiate the warmth of the upcoming holiday season at your table.

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Our mongers keep on hand a variety of Jasper Hill Farm’s creations including the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Bayley Hazen Blue and Moses Sleeper to please any taste preference. Help us to celebrate our country this month and the local products we produce by stopping in at any of our Di Bruno Bros. retail locations to taste for yourself.