Breaking The Mold | An October Spotlight on American Original Cheeses

American Cheese Medley

American Cheeses Medley

This October, let’s toast to our American pastures that produce some of the world’s most revolutionary and tasty cheeses. This month, we celebrate the renaissance of original cheeses created right here, in our own backyard. From Atlantic to Pacific, from earthy to refined, the New World brings an inventive edge to a classic tradition. Our cheesemongers are spotlighting the top American fromagers who are producing some of the world’s cream-of-the-crop cheeses, showcasing creameries such as Jasper Hills Farm, the PA Cheese Guild, & Cypress Grove Fine Cheeses for their award-winning compositions that make us proud to be American.

Meet the American Cheesemakers

Jasper Hills Farm |  Deep in the Lush Paesa of Greensboro, Vermont

IMG_5555Ayrshire cattle herd 

Jasper Hill Farm’s cheesemaking art begins with the freshness and natural element of the land and an overall holistic approach. They milk a herd of about 45 Ayrshire cows, a type of cattle that produces milk with high solids content and small fat globules that makes its dairy exceptional for cheesemaking. Due to the climate, these happy cows are able to graze and freely roam the pastures for a majority of the year outside of the winter. The cows are fed a non-GMO grain diet that yields a blooming taste to the end product. Stay tuned to learn more about Jasper Hill Farm and our how-to guide for plating and pairing their eclectic cheeses.

The PA Cheese Guild | A Community of Pennsylvania Based Cheesemongers & Enthusiasts

IMG_5555Cheese Aging Room 

The Guild promotes cheesemaking at its finest and celebrates the diversity of the cheese community in Pennsylvania. They seek to strengthen the quality, safety and sustainability of the cheese industry in PA, the home of Di Bruno Bros. as well. Stay tuned for our upcoming October posts, where we will be spotlighting several of the Guild’s most acclaimed creameries. Trust us, supporting local businesses never tasted this good!

Cypress Grove Creamery | An 18-Acre, Eco-Friendly Farm in Arcata, California

IMG_5555Mary Keehn, Founder

Home of one of our favorite acclaimed domestics, the Humboldt Fog goat cheese is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. Cypress Grove carved out a path for American cheesemakers when they produced this refined yet distinctive cheese that seduces the tastebuds. The founder, Mary Keehn, a self-proclaimed “serious hippie” and single mother of four, found her muse traveling through France to study Old World fromagère. Later, Keehn planted roots in Californian soil. Ripen up your fall and holiday season with the most delicious cheese plate this side of the Pacific! In upcoming posts, we will be sharing DIY tips to plating and pairing these award winning cheeses.

Our cheesemongers at each Di Bruno Bros. retail locations are sampling a wide range of American original cheeses all year round. Stop in to sample cheeses you’ve never tasted before and remember to check back all this month for plating, pairing and recipe ideas in the spirit of American ingenuity.