Crab Cake Mondays — Beer & Wine Pairings

Our crab cake season is drawing to close. Have you had your fill yet? We didn’t think so.

At the commissary, we’ve been making over 500 crab cakes a week. That’s a lot of crab. Chef James uses a fairly traditional recipe, but the secret to an exceptional crab cake is in the quality of the crabmeat, because when it comes to crab you can’t hide behind inferior ingredients. We carefully select our crabmeat that uses pressure steaming and not boiling in its cooking process. Steaming ensures that no additional water is injected into the meat, sacrificing flavor. Also for flavor, we use two different types of crabmeat. Claw meat is primarily used for its depth of flavor while jumbo lump is used for its texture. The result is a wonderfully balanced crab cake highlighting the sweet subtle flavor.

We’ve supplied you with a variety of recipes to complement the delicate crab, but have you been wondering what you should drink with these dishes? Our Bottle Shop Manager, Jeff has got you covered. He’s suggested four different beverages to pair with your crab cakes. All of which are found at the bottle shop at our Franklin location. Pick up your crab cakes and drinks to match. Cheers!

ciderWyndridge Crafty Hopped Cider
A mild, semi-sweet, semi-dry cider. Try this with the Crab Eggs Benedict!

beerStoudt’s Gold Lager
A German Helles style lager with flavors of toasted malt and grassy hops. Enjoy this with sweet and spicy Crab Tacos.








Corte Gardoni Bardolino
A bright and fruity Italian red. Pair this with pasta like the Roasted Tomato and Crab Spaghetti.








Cantina Trexenta Vermentino
A fresh and citrusy Italian white. Perfect for sipping with appetizers like the Crab Stuffed Mushrooms.

Show us your crabby creations! Tag us with @dibrunobros or with hashtag #dibrunobros.