It’s A Fruit Pizza Party!

If you’ve mastered the margherita and pepperoni feels passé, then it’s time to flip some fresh fruit on your soon-to-be-freakishly-awesome pizza pie. We still have a little more time for summer and these fresh pizza toppings will be sure to elevate your next pizza party!

Feel free to dress your pizza with as much or as little of these suggested toppings as you like to make it the pizza of your dreams!

Fruit Pizza: Challerhocker & Blackberries
  • Challerhocker —Challerhocker is the Swiss for those who think they don’t like Swiss cheese. Gone is any tinge of astringency, leaving the buttery background for the subtle flavors of our beloved Alpines: vanilla, hazelnut, and a touch of almond. The paste is velvety smooth and just this side of hard—you can really sink your teeth into it. Add this nutty cheese from the Swiss Alps, shredded, on top of your pizza.
  • • Blackberries
  • • Speck Alto Adige — smoky prosciutto aged with juniper berry
  • Local honey like our wonderful options from Newkirk in Scranton, PA
Fruit Pizza: Fontina
  • Fontina —This Alpine melter packs a bigger funk and greater zing than its Swiss and French brethren. A thick, pasty rind encases a malleable interior tasting at once meaty and fruity, with some smoke and brine in there, too. There is no mistaking the presence of Fontina Val d’Aosta. This cheese announces itself in every room and dish, alike. Add this funky and fruity cheese, shredded, to your pizza.
  • Bayley Hazen Blue —Vermont stalwarts at the Cellars at Jasper Hill have struck gold with this American take on raw milk Stilton—a toasty, peanutty blue with a touch of anise. This fudgy, sweet and spicy cheese should be crumbled on top of your pizza.
  • • Fresh cherries
  • Cherry jam — Created by Oshra Tishbi, the 5th Generation to work with the family-owned and operated winery, are hand-made in small batches to ensure the finest quality. For wine lovers, this spread is rich with flavors of cherry and wine. A wonderful complement to roast pork and duck, it is also a fabulous pairing for goat cheese, or on pizza.
  • • Sliced toasted almonds
Fruit Pizza: Nduja
  • ‘Nduja —’Nduja is a traditional spread from Calabria with the flavor you love in hot soppressata or pepperoni but with a rich pâté-like texture. Be ahead of the gourmet curve with this relatively new addition to the American gastronomical world.
  • Manchego 1605 —The official re-definition of the Manchego you’ve known in the past, this medium-bodied cheese is full of sugared almond notes with a sweet hint of hay. Earthy, almondy, Spanish cheese. Add this to your pizza, shredded.
  • • Fresh peach slices
  • Local honey like our wonderful options from Newkirk in Scranton, PA