Cooking in the Wild!

We’re cooking in the wild with Certified Cheese Professional, Amanda B.!

Camping doesn’t have to mean eating baked beans out of a can or having a granola bar for every meal. Amanda, cheesemonger and manager of the Franklin location, has opened our eyes to the world of inspired outdoor eating. She fills us in on some of her favorite places to camp, and how she eats like a boss on the campgrounds. Look below for her campground picks!

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Amanda’s Tips for Camp Cookin’

• Bring a cast iron pan with you. It’s super easy to clean and you can use it for so many things (like bacon!).

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• Almost every site will have a fire ring that already has a thick metal grate over it, but don’t cook directly on it—too sketchy! Pack your own grate if you want to cook directly on one.
• When bringing cheese (you should definitely bring cheese), stick to the harder stuff. I like Fiore Sardo because it tastes smoky like a campfire.

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• You can’t go wrong with grilling burgers at camp. You also can’t go wrong with adding cheese and bacon to said burgers. Do this.

• Pre-make what you can at home before you get to the site. I love cooking strip steak over the grate, but I like to make the butter first at home. Bring a stick of butter to room temperature. Add Roquefort cheese, thyme, garlic, and stir. Refrigerate and pop into cooler. You’ve got yourself some fancy butter!

Campfire Recipe: Stir-Fry Packets


What is a stir-fry packet, you ask? It’s quite possibly the best and easiest way to make a gourmet meal over the fire. Basically, you fill single serving sizes of aluminum foil packets with delicious ingredients and put them on a grate over a fire. Poke it with a spatula to move the contents around inside to make sure it cooks evenly and—voila! Foil packet meal pictured includes shrimp, thyme, orange juice, and honey. Other foil packet meals Amanda has made include: chopped up veggies, beef chuck, hot sauce, garlic, and lime juice.

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