Summer Corn, Di Bruno Style with Prosciutto & Truffle

There’s nothing like a refreshing ear of corn during the summer months! Try our version of Corn on the Cob!

Things You’ll Need:

• Fresh ears of corn
Truffle Tremor cheese (about 1/4 to 1/3 lb. for two ears of corn, depending on one’s love of truffle!)
Prosciutto (about 5-6 slices per ear of corn)

How to Assemble:

Step 1

Spread Truffle Tremor cheese all over an ear of corn. Be sure to have enough of the cheese to enjoy on the side, or even on a separate cheese plate for your feast. You’ll have to fight for the last piece of this one!

Step 2

Lay down lovely layers of prosciutto on top of each other. A nice ear of corn will take about 5-6 slices of prosciutto. Measure up the prosciutto so that when laid down next to each other, they are the length of the corn.

Step 3

Roll and wrap the corn in the prosciutto. Make sure the ends that are left sticking out are underneath the corn when placed on foil.

Step 4

Place the ears of corn on a foil-wrapped pan, or you can wrap these in foil in their entirety and place them on the grill.


What a success! The prosciutto is crispy, the corn is crunchy, and covered in the almost buttery Truffle Tremor. Time to chow down!