3 Cheese Pops for Your Next Picnic

Yes, you read that right. Cheese pops! Stick those pairings on a stick. Amp up your next picnic with these delicious bites.

The Italian Classic

Cheese Pop 1

Pop on roasted tomatoes, slather on speck, spear some mozzarella, and top with dollops of fresh pesto! And BOOM.

The Baby Caprese

Cheese Pop 2Caprese salad on-the-go! Plop a cherry tomato and a piece of mozzarella and repeat until there is just enough stick to hold it by. Drizzle balsamic glaze. Voila—enjoy!

The Good Ol’ Meat & Cheese

Cheese Pop 3

Keep it simple but take the flavor up a notch. Stack on sweet soppressata and herby, garlicky creamy wine cheese, Lagrein. Oh yeah!

Make your own cheese pops and devour them at your next picnic! Show us on social media and tag us with @DiBrunoBros!