Foodoscopes — June 2016

All illustrations by Erin Filson.

JUNE 2016



GEMINI May 21 – June 20 —Burst forth into the light of the summer that’s finally here! Spring got off to a slow start, but you’ve been properly thawed and your energy is back on point. Wondering what to do with your resurgence? A fortunate new moon in Gemini on June 4th brings the gift of creativity, and perhaps now is the time to start on that solo project or new artistic venture! As far as creativity in the kitchen, your palate has expanded with summer produce, including all sorts of melon and berries galore. Think watermelon gazpacho with an herb and berry salsa as garnish, prosciutto-wrapped pieces of cantaloupe with a drizzle of sweet balsamic, and grilled peaches with bacon and blue cheese! The universe is gifting you a summer solstice on June 20th, so pony up a fabulous birthday gift for yourself. You’re worth it every time.

A surprise sunset picnic with a group of friends! Call everyone you know who loves a good surprise, and tell them to meet you at a nearby park an hour before sunset. Have everyone bring chairs and tables or big blankets, and then show up with a basket of goodies. Cheeses, meats, raw veggies and olives, antipasti, tiny sandwiches—go wild. Deliciously wild.


CANCER June 21 – July 22 —As the sun drifts through Gemini until June 20th, you might just want to crawl back into your shell! This is your twelfth house of rest and relaxation, and summertime lazy can feel oh-so-good. Not a bad idea to get some quiet time in before it’s officially birthday time. Stay far away from details, my friend, because they will bury you like so many grains of sand until you are completely overwhelmed. Got a grill? If not, get one (tabletop charcoal grill or state-of-the-art gas monstrosity doesn’t matter!) and grab a protein, a veggie, and a wildcard item like halloumi cheese and throw ’em all on there. Simple, effective, and such a treat. With Jupiter in your house of communication, you might be in for some surprise happy endings. Work relations, personal love affairs, and family matters are all on the up-and-up as long as you remember to express yourself fully and genuinely, over a glass of amazing wine or craft beer, of course.

A moveable, grill-able feast! Find friends—or make them!—with grills in your neighborhood (your loving, empathetic nature makes this a breeze) and set up a one-hour-per-grill extravaganza with a prize for whoever grills the most out-of-the-box, delicious thing. You go, grill.


LEO July 23 – Aug 22 —Lions and lionesses sure are happy when they stretch out in the sun! We’re feeling like lucky Leos this month with Jupiter on our side, and teamwork is going to be an important factor of success this June. Put aside your normal motto of:  “If you want something done right you’d better do it yourself.” New motto: “It’s not about what you know, but WHO you know.” Call in your amazing connections and get stuff done with the power of others! Potluck meals are the best—put your effort into one amazing dish that you know will turn heads, rather than tackling the whole meal by yourself and inevitably letting something slide. A new Gemini moon on the 4th gives you a spotlight in which to stand, making you pretty noticeable and incredibly attractive in many ways. Just keep it classy, pal.

Find the closest river, grab some inner tubes and some high-spirited buddies, and the name of the game is Float Down a River with Sandwiches and Beer! Have a few laughs, pop a few Brie, tomato, and arugula sandwiches in baggies, and fill a floating cooler with refreshing brews and fancy fruit sodas imported from Italy. Don’t worry—Lions are allowed to purr.


VIRGO Aug 23 – Sept 22 —You are the king or queen of the world this month, and frankly, you’ve been reinventing yourself all year thanks to a rare visit from Jupiter. Don’t let Summer suck away your productivity, and keep your engines going with the power of amazing foods! Trade in your usual breakfast for a power-parfait of Greek yogurt, muesli, fresh blueberries, and raw, local honey. The Gemini new moon is the beginning of a six-month professional spree of good tidings, and it’s time to lay out exactly what you want and need in your work environment. Be vocal, but remember to set boundaries for those close to you so you can safely accomplish your goals. Make your home office a serene spot, and keep dinner with roommates or loved ones on a set schedule so no one wonders why you never showed up!

Epic Midnight Snacktime with a close friend or lover! Since you’re probably burning the candle at both ends anyway, schedule time to meet up in the kitchen after all the lights are out, and surprise each other with some decadent nighttime snacks that won’t inhibit productivity but just might boost that morale to new heights. Organic chocolate truffles filled with fruit, a late-night burrata and basil salad, or Alpine cheese with ham, mustard, and potato chips—burn the midnight oil, just don’t burn the gourmet popcorn.


LIBRA Sept 23 – Oct 22 —Cry freedom, Libra, and let slip the dog days of summer! Adventure is out there, and the Gemini moon is pushing you out of that comfort zone in a big way. Plan a trip, even if it’s to a campground 20 minutes from home! Curiosity abounds after the 4th, and the mix of wonderment with wanderlust can be intoxicating. Do your research before leaving, and may we recommend planning a food-centric trip to an exotic locale? Rent a villa in Tuscany for a week, plan that African Safari you’ve always wanted to, or just skip town for the next-biggest city for a weekend and eat your face off. Just don’t overcommit! If you’re flying somewhere, be sure to pack the ultimate plane snacks, to the great envy of all other flyers. We’re thinking fresh figs, crisp goat cheese, and smoky speck. Be prepared to share, but we won’t tell if you don’t.

Rental beach house brunch! Grab all of your closest buds and go in on a big beach house for a weekend. Drive over on Friday night, get a little wild, and then wake everyone up for an epic beachside brunch. Dutch babies with agave syrup and rosemary, quinoa waffles with fresh blueberries as far as the eye can see, and a mimosa station of fresh-pressed juices will set the mood for the rest of summer.


SCORPIO Oct 23 – Nov 21 —The tectonic plates of your emotions are shifting this month, and the subsequent internal earthquakes give way to great change. Muster through the moodier moments, and make sure you’re not coming off as “summertime shy” to those who want to party. The Sun will cause some incredible deep feelings, which can give way to personal breakthroughs if you keep a positive outlook. Harvest the internal energy with bright, seasonal fruits and vegetables like apricots, sweet corn, and vine-ripened tomatoes from a local farm. June 3rd is going to be a rough day, with a Grand Mutable Cross between Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. You’re gonna get pulled in every different way, but the sun will come out tomorrow with an epic day on June 4th. Think soul-shaking connections and an insatiable hunger for life (and food!).

A mad-sensual sensory summertime supper, late at night and in the pitch dark of night! Grab your person, turn out all the light and crank the A/C and feel your way through a finger-food feast. Fresh berries and balsamic, cheeses and jams, and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus without the added pressures of sight will cause flavor explosions heard ’round the world.


SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21 —Give the people what they want, Sag! Hint: they want you. June is for duos, and whether they’re work-related, neighborly, or a little closer to home, relationships are priority right now. However, take your time and don’t rush into anything—let everything happen organically. To remind yourself, if you haven’t already, think organic when food shopping this month! This doesn’t even have to be meal related! Organic apple cider vinegar can do wonders for cleansing your house, body, and environment, and organic hair and skincare products will leave you feeling summertime-fresh inside and out. The Sun is in your house of rest, while your energy is being sucked away by retrograde Mars, so avoid a serious Summer slump by letting your friends drag you along on their fair-weather adventures. Keep the generous ones close, and schedule one-on-one lunches with those who will listen to your struggles.

The Sneak-Away-From-Work-Early happy hour! It’s a Friday in June, and ain’t nobody gonna miss you after 4PM anyway. Hustle to get the week’s work done early, and steal some QT with a favorite friend at a local outdoor spot for drinks. Look at the cocktail list ahead of time, and pass the rest of workday Friday by trying to decide if you’re more in the mood for a Caipirinha or a Sloe Gin Fizz. Decisions, decisions…


CAPRICORN Dec 22 – Jan 19 —Sure, your birthday couldn’t be any farther away than it is this month, but this is actually working in your favor! Take June to do a standard, 6-month checkup on your gastronomical well-being while the sun is in your house of health and organization. Scope out your diet, make any changes you need to feel good in a swimsuit (or out of one!) and remember to keep your feet firmly planted. Speaking of planting, if you have the space for it, you’ll gain immense satisfaction in growing your own food this summer. Even a little window box of fresh herbs will remind you that even a wintery Capricorn can come alive in the sunshine. June 3rd is going to be a rough one for all of us, with a four-way cosmic cross of planets throwing everyone into disarray. With big moves on the horizon, watch out for emotional blackmail, guilty feelings, and general controversy. Simple meals are the key, and remembering to bring a delicious BLT or last night’s vegetable terrine to work with you just might keep you grounded through the storm.

Weekend hikes with superfood picnics! Edit your guest list carefully and only bring the cream of the crop when it comes to food AND friends – schedule a lovely hike through a forest or down a river, or grab a few mountain bikes and hit the trail with a backpack full of sparkling water, a fresh baguette, and a couple of artisanal salami snacks. Stop every time nature takes your breath away, and literally eat up the awesomeness of life.


AQUARIUS Jan 20 – Feb 18 —Your cup runneth over, dear Aquarius, and it’s full of sunshine and zest for life! Until June 20th, you’re in revitalization mode. Maybe a new haircut, a change of scenery, or a cleanse of some kind is the perfect outlet, and don’t disregard your need to be creative on a new venture. Revamp that summer diet with all of this lovely, seasonal produce! Pick out things at the grocery store you’ve never even seen before, and Google that mess until you find your new favorite recipe. Summer lovin’ may be in the cards for you, even if that means falling in love with a rescue dog or a new hidden beach spot. Don’t get too carried away, of course, and flirting with all kinds of new opportunities doesn’t mean you should abandon all previous rationale and objectives. Have a fling with small-batch, locally made ice cream, but stay committed to fresh veggies and hummus between meals.

Nighttime bonfire with only the most gourmet ingredients! Get creative with campfire cooking and ditch the normal hotdogs for something a little more exotic. Pierogis on a stick, fire-kissed stuffed peppers, s’mores made with shortbread, dark chocolate, and bacon with mascarpone! Your internal fire will help guide you in your quest for blaze-blessed delicacies.


PISCES Feb 19 – March 20 —Aaaah, Pisces and quiet… The first few weeks of June are prime time for peace and self-nurturing, and after June 4th your focus is definitely home life. Check the balance of your life by setting boundaries at work and with those close to you, keeping in mind that June 3rd will be a tug-of-war on all of your sensibilities and goals. Get through the day with a big breakfast full of fresh fruit, and when in doubt, eat some cheese and honey. Breathe and get on with it! Saturn is one of your contenders this month, and you’ll waiver in and out of a coy, I’m-not-responsible attitude and a take-charge, step-up surge of ownership. Remember to balance, like in meals—little bit of responsibility with a healthy dose of dreamy, like a little bit of complex carbs with a big helping of sustainably farmed protein! See the connection? Life is about equilibrium in all things.

Summertime Spa Day with an Afternoon Tea! Pamper yourself and maybe a friend or two with a refreshing day of massages, manicures, or a spray tan—whatever makes you feel like a god or goddess, followed by a light-yet-indulgent afternoon tea. Tea is an excuse to eat fancy snacks and tiny sandwiches while looking fly and feeling on fleek. Don’t overthink the formality.


ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 19 —Sure, last month was a bit of a tongue twister, but we knew your quick-witted, adventurous spirit would guide you through to June. Now we can really get to steppin’ with a fire the size of the sun blazing through your house of communication and conversation. Whether it’s teaching, writing, storytelling, joking around, or inspiring others, Aries is ready to talk and darn good at it. Just don’t talk with your mouth full of June’s burst of fresh berries and seasonal produce, which will guide your meal-making. This is fortuitous timing, and these seemingly simple connections and summer meals might just lead to a new business deal or a romantic connection. Energy is high, though, and your word of caution is “slooooooow”, as in slow down, think it through, and no rushing. Crazy cosmos has us all in a Grand Mutable Cross between four (count ’em—FOUR!) planets and the Sun, which means crossed wires and emotional paralysis. Stay alive with homemade granola and the healing powers of fresh brewed iced tea.

Outdoor concerts with out-of-this-world tailgate nibbles! Whether or not you can find a pickup truck to turn into a swimming pool, your pre-music meal will be one to remember. Let the band inspire a symphony of snacks, from grilled green chile burgers with ground turkey and feta to cheese plate with homemade preserves. Don’t be afraid to get figgy wit it.


TAURUS Apr 20 – May 20 —Patient and reliable Taurus gets to march to the beat of his or her own drum this month, and it’s a welcome relief from the chaos to come in the early part of June. Those infamous horns might come out during the epic cosmic cross of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune on the 3rd, and the results could be disastrous if you aren’t prepared. Slow and steady is your modus operandi, and it’ll save those horns from clashing! Eat steady meals throughout the day, try for something healthy every two hours or so, but remember that “healthy” doesn’t have to mean “unoriginal”. Toast an English muffin with goat cheese, fresh dill, and Kalamata olives for a morning boost, and keep some seasonal honeydew nearby for a prosciutto and melon midday snack. Good news for you financially this month! We’re on the up and up for the next six months or so, but be sure to keep your head on your shoulders. We’ll allow a well-researched splurge, though, as a belated birthday gift—think 15 year aged balsamic or a $20 jar of precious sea salt that will transport you straight to the ocean.

Ice cream social with everyone on your block! Tell everyone to bring their favorite brands and flavors, and rope off the street and set up some chairs. Pass around that dairy goodness and keep cool while getting to know your neighbors. How sweet it is to be alive in June!