Entertaining 101: How to Build An Awesome Cheese Plate!

Put together an amazing cheese plate that’s ready to go for your party! Read below for our experts’ entertaining tips. Let us know what you’ve created! Share with us by using hashtag #dibrunobros or tagging us using @dibrunobros!

Choose Your Cheese

1. Pick Your Cheeses

You only need an ounce of cheese per person, but aim to represent as many types as possible!

Salami_Crop_2 copy

2. Choose A Meat

Get salty with Prosciutto di Parma, assorted salumi, or any of our various charcuterie items.

Go Nuts

3. Go Nuts

Our Black Lava Cashews and Cinnful Cocoa Pecans pair well with any cheese. Pile them near your cheeses and enjoy!

Dried Fruit

4. Add Dried Fruit

Figs, apricots, and other dried fruits are great concentrated flavors that will match your cheeses and meats perfectly.


5. Finish with Jam or Honey

Add sweet, tart, condiments around the perimeter of your plate. Our Fig & Acacia Honey Jam is amazing and can go on almost anything.


Jennifer Sherwin

Hey I saw you guys fry/cook some kind of cheese in a very small cast iron pan can I tell me what kind of cheese that was used? Thank you!

Sande Friedman

Hello! Are you able to link us to the particular post that you saw the photo in? It’s hard for us to identify without seeing it, but perhaps it was a baked feta or halloumi? Happy to help if you can point us to the photo.

Marvin Waxman

Hi guys. Happy Turkey day. I’m looking for a cheese from Switzerland called Hobelkäse. Can u help me.

Di Bruno Bros.

Hi Marvin – thanks for reaching out! We don’t carry Hobelkase unfortunately, but the closest cheeses that we could suggest would be either Schnebelhorn or Challerhocker. Links to both in our online store are below. If you’re close enough to stop into one of the stores, we would also suggest cheeses called Alex, Adelegger Alt or Tete de Moine…or just tell our mongers what you’re looking for, and they’ll surely have more ideas. Please let us know if we can help any further!




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