New Catering Menu! – Delivery & In-Store Pickup

We’re excited to introduce our newly refreshed Delivery & In-Store Pickup Menu from our Catering Team! Additions to our new menu include an updated breakfast offering, composed salads, snack boxes, and more!

Chef James Liuzza

We sat down with Di Bruno Bros. culinary leader, Chef James Liuzza, to talk all things about the new menu, about his passion for the food and the stories behind the current offerings!

What was your inspiration behind this new menu?

My inspiration was to create simple, well-prepared food that is relatable and eye-catching. Our city of Philadelphia is very diverse, and that speaks to the types of food that are seen on our menu—from our signature sandwiches and entrees to our cheesemonger-crafted cheese boards. Our diverse offerings continue to adhere to the Di Bruno Bros. culinary style, integrity, and legacy.

There are personal connections with all of the food that we make. The meatballs that we make are very similar to what I grew up with in my family, and the Sunday Gravy is inspired by my grandma’s recipe. The blue cheese dressing on the Steakhouse Salad as well as the the Sicilian olives on the Craft Your Own DB Sandwich package is also inspired by my grandma’s cooking.

Chicken Piccata

Sandwich Box

What items are you most excited about?

Our “Craft Your Own DB Sandwich” package is exciting, as we took a popular catering item and made it our own. We utilize products that we’re proud to carry in our stores to make our catering dishes and we include signature Italian staples as part of the condiment offerings, like homemade mozzarella, cheese spreads, broccoli rabe, fig jam, and more.

Another item I’m really excited about is our Composed Salad Package. You can choose three different composed salads from a total of eight different salads (includes artisanal rolls and an Italian Dessert Tray). From a classic Caesar salad with a twist, to other unique options like our Tuscan Bean & Escarole salad, there are options to please every kind of food lover. A benefit of our salads package is that each salad doesn’t come constructed. The ingredients are laid out on a tray, so that the guest can construct their salad to their liking. One of my favorites is the Grilled Chicken Caesar salad, where we include Italian marinated chicken, roasted garlic cloves, Parmigiano Reggiano, and anchovies and salad dressing on the side.

Tuscan Bean Salad

Thanks so much, Chef James! We’re looking forward to eating our way through the whole menu this year!