Now Brewing: La Colombe Coffee Roasters!

Founded in 1994 in Philadelphia, with the vision to create the perfect “culinary coffee,” an elevated caffeine experience with a strong focus on flavor and quality, La Colombe is committed to ethical and earth-conscious trade practices. They have a deep dedication to philanthropy, providing healthcare and education to orphaned children in Ethiopia and Uganda, and digging 1,000 water wells across Africa to ensure access to clean water for all.

We are happy to partner with a company that is part of the fabric of Philadelphia, like La Colombe and are proudly brewing La Colombe at all our coffee bar locations!

La Colombe Draft Latte at Di Bruno Bros.

Introducing Draft Latte, the first-ever iced latte on tap. Cold-pressed coffee and frothed milk come straight out of the keg into your glass, already cool, creamy, and ready to drink. It’s naturally sweet, with no-sugar-added.

Find the Draft Latte at our Rittenhouse and Franklin locations!  Coming soon to Comcast!