Red Carpet Spotlight — Oscar-Worthy Cheeses!

No matter which celeb receives the award, we all win when you put cheese in the leading role! Roll out the red carpet for a star-studded evening celebrating the most beautiful cheeses in showbiz! Celebrity photos from Getty Images.

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Bryan Cranston

A wealth of talent and flavor hides behind these mild-mannered, unassuming appearances! Cranston and Le Cret‘s wide ranges can satisfy any palate and have earned them respect amongst their peers.

Matt Damon

Two true American classics, proudly hailing from New England. Damon is up for an award for his performance in “The Martian” and Harbison boasts out-of-this-world flavors!

Leonardo DiCaprio

The meatiest, burliest mountain cheese, Adelegger, meets its match in this intense method actor. Both have been known to wrestle bears!

Michael Fassbender

Roquefort is distinct, classy, smoky, and salty with icy cold baby blues. Are we describing the best blue cheese ever made or Fassbender? Even we do not know.

Eddie Redmayne

Berkswell, a complex, little UFO-shaped gem from Great Britain would be this unique, multi-faceted Londoner’s best friend!


Cate Blanchett

The undisputed golden queen of (L’Amuse) Gouda, capable of performing anything, anywhere, anytime!

Jennifer Lawrence

Truffle Tremor is a young, fluffy cake of cheese on the outside with a zesty, robust masterpiece of earthy truffle surprise on the inside. Handy with a bow and arrow.

Saoirse Ronan

The benchmark for Irish cheeses. However, young Ardrahan is as gooey and stinky as young Ronan is sophisticated.

Charlotte Rampling

A frisky mix of milk is given a malty, dark side of Occelli al Malto d’Orzo e Whiskey, transforming it into an intoxicating Italian rum cake of a cheese as it matures. You know these two have seen a few things.

Brie Larson

Brie is Brie! You knew this joke was coming, didn’t you? Both actress and cheese are smooth and buttery with a crisp snap!

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