The “Newlyfed” Game!


1. Grab four sheets of paper (two for each person) and place this game card in the center of the table so you both can read the questions.

2. Answer the questions on the first sheet of paper based on your personal response. Do not let your partner see your answers!

3. On the second sheet of paper, answer the questions based on how you think your partner will answer. Do not let your partner see your answers!

4. Take turns reading aloud the questions and answers you chose for your partner. After each question, your partner will tell you their answer. Laugh and laugh and laugh.

5. Tally the responses and claim your winner! Please don’t get into a fight.

The Questions

1: If your partner had to eat their way out of a 10’x10’x10’ room filled with one type of food what food would it be?

2: What’s your partner’s favorite beverage?

3: What’s your partner’s favorite cheese?

4: What’s your partner’s favorite dessert?

5: What is your partner’s favorite restaurant?

6: What’s your partner’s favorite way to prepare a potato?

7: Where was your first meal together?

8: Who is the better cook?

9: What was the first meal your partner ever cooked for you?

10: If your partner was stranded on a deserted island, what one food would they bring with them?

11: If your partner could travel anywhere for any type of cuisine, where would it be?

12: If you served your partner breakfast in bed, what would be their ideal breakfast meal?

13: What does your partner eat too much of?

14: If you asked your partner to cook dinner one night, what dish would they prepare?

15: What’s the one food your partner refuses to eat?